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EuroAprendiendo FP2
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The EuroAprendiendo FP1 Project encourages our students of Vocational Training to develope their Profesional Practices in Europe. GSD is a Cooperative Group since 1985 with over 15,000 students in the Community of Madrid. Within educational levels offered, becomes relevant in the last two years ( with the addition of the center of Buitrago ) the number of students of Medium and High Vocational Training. There are 8 schools along the Community of Madrid, with 14 diferent fields offered in Las Suertes, Guadarrama, Las Rozas and Buitrago del Lozoya. In the current social context, the cooperative is investing on professional quality training to enhance employability. The European experience of our students will strengthen and enhance their skills. GSD has an Employment Network for subsequent employment ("Red de Empleo GSD"). We have participate in European programs for years, in order to develop work experience for students in High and Medium Vocational Training (this last of Administrative Management), testing the positive impact of it in both the students and the institutions involved and throughout the Cooperative. The demand from students interested in participating has increased. In the past (and this current course) we have managed European FCT students without a scholarship , leading us on this occasion to increase the number of places. For this proposal, 16 students from the fields of Administration, Computers, Electronics, Cooking, Forestry, Automotive and Physical Activities of our centers (2 per field), between 18 and 23 years old (on teh average). Their low cultural profile and their individual characteristics requires to improver their self-esteem and abilities, allowing them to cover the gap that separates them from the workmarket. They are generally people who have not traveled much, they need linguistical and cultural enrichment. Knowledge of a foreign language as a personal skill would be an important tool for their future profession, making them more competitive and broading their opportunities to work in other European countries . All the staff from the Cooperative is fully involved. The educational community will participate in conducting and broadcasting the project. Ongoing activities are defined by their own training programs of each field, and adapted to the company where the student will develop its practice. The range of activities vary from computer maintenance into a German company, to working in the kitchens of a canteen in Finland. To carry out this project a cooperative methodology has been used, integrating the stated needs of the students, the chances of having quality partners, the personal interests of the students, and the ability and knowledge of teachers and tutors who design and manage the programs. All these together improve management skills and relationship of all parts involved. Moreover, the fact of using English as the language of all documents generated, improves language skills of the participants. The phases of the project are : - Prior information and publication of notice - Selection process of participating students - Process maching companies accod to candidates . - Implementation of Agreements; trip preparation - Preparation of participating students (languages and cultural info) - Development of mobility and Vocational Practices. - Verification of Vocational Practices documentation and conduction of internal assessments. - Completion of final report to the National Agency . - Broadcast of results and experience. The project is developed with the aim of ensuring that participants have a clear sense of "before and after" . They have returned with a personal experience of dealing as autonomous individuals in an unknown city and country, and in a foreign language for everyday tasks and for their job. From organizing the project, special importance is given to evaluate the degree of achievement of the outcomes, using measures of external quality (ISO 9001:2008 , EFQM , language assessment ... ) and internal surveys, to improve for future projects, and to measure the real impact on the entire school community and families, as well as for participating companies and partners of GSD . In the long term, this project will develop a more unified and integrated European FP educational system, with recognized qualification that enables our youth to move abroad to work, and it will improve competitiveness of European workers. The mobilities will be held between September 2015 and June 2016
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