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Euro-rolnik inwestycją w nowoczesną wieś
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "Euro – farmer investment in the modern village” is a project in which 70-person group (2x35) selected from among the students of the Vocational School in Ostroda where they are taught in direction of the profession agribusiness, will participate in 14-day vocational training in Greece in one of the companies operating in the sectors of agriculture and / or processability and food and in farms. Participants will be selected on the basis of individual performance, both owned and those that manage to work out during the preparatory period.Context of the project: Agriculture Training, Enterprise Development, Improving the prospects in the European labor marketThe basic objectives of the project assumed by all sides involved in it (European Foundation for Regional Development, Vocational School in Ostroda and GEORGIKES EKMETALEUSEIS) include:- The acquisition of new skills and professional knowledge, as well as improve the possessed skills of young people enrolled taught in direction to the profession of agribusiness, where most will be those related strictly to the subject of the project, both in practical and theoretical transmitted by first-class professionals working in one of the Greek agricultural enterprises.- Training students' entrepreneurial attitudes, Improving self-esteem and self-reliance of participants and the ability to work effectively in a group, including in difficult and stressful situations.- Familiarizing participants with the culture of Greece and Thessalia, what will help them opening for other countries and cultures and encouraging international networking and making similar initiatives (including training and exchange) in the future.- Improving the knowledge of foreign languages, as well as to encourage their learning by drawing attention to their huge role in today's fast- changing world.- Increase and improve collaboration between organizations active in the field of action for the vocational training of young people and mobile activity, as well as increase the potential and attractiveness of these organizations, which positively influence on implementation of similar initiatives in the future.Activities will include the preparation of students by the EFRD and VC in Ostroda for project, as well as apprenticeships, which will take place in one of the enterprises active in the agricultural sector in Greece. The preparation phase will include the selection of candidates, meetings with them, the preparation and implementation of cultural, linguistic and social-oriented courses which will prepare young people for the planned training. Period of 14-days training for 2 groups of 35 people will involve daily activities and work under the supervision of professionals and experts of the host organization, which will allow students to look at the realities of the agricultural enterprises, the basics of management, methods of cultivatiocropping in Greece, used machines and technologies, as well as effective management of available resources. All of these activities will also help to acquire certain social skills such as the ability to work in a group, making responsible decisions in difficult and stressful situations. Every day, in addition to the practices of the participants will also be proposed cultural program that will allow them to experience the Thessalia region of Greece and open them up to other cultures and societies. The whole will be summed up by experts and caregivers from Poland, whose opinions will be used for the preparation of the evaluation report. Methodology - all participants will actively participate in all tasks prepared by the host organization and company with which GEORGIKES EKMATELEUSEIS is cooperating. Activities planned for the afternoon will expand the horizons of students and facilitate their acclimatization to the new environment.Expected results:All participants will be prepared in best possible way for the profession, towards which they are trained and taught. They will acquire new knowledge about the methods of cropping, using modern technology and the European Union's role in rural development. They will also acquire new skills, which will include handling machinery and equipment associated with modern agricultural enterprise, the activities related to the production process and the achievement of the assumed objectives through the efficient use of resources and cooperative action with the rest of the team. Students will also be sensitive to importance of languages, especially if they are thinking about the development of international cooperation and moving within the European labor market. Confirmation of all acquired skills will be certified which will be additional advantages in labor markets. The project will be promoted on the conference, websites of the each partner and during special meetings with the participants.
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