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Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament in Stockholm
Start date: 01 Aug 2012,

The project “Session of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament in Stockholm" will create a unique meeting place for seven working days gathering in total 100 young people between 18 and 25 years of age from 15 European and MEDA countries as well as local youth from Sweden. They will experience parliamentary democracy first-hand in a multicultural setting and discuss current issues as well practical ways to work on solving some of the most pressing challenges of their home countries and communities. The project draws on the experience of the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament organised in Berlin in 2007 supported with support from the European Commission and German Foreign Office.The participants will divide into international teams with the aim to each draft a resolution on a current topic with a special focus on issues connected to Euro-Mediterranean relations. The participants will formulate their own ideas based on real resources, but with the aim to propose innovative solutions as well as concrete projects. The resolutions and project ideas will then be debated in a two-day parliamentary assembly at the end of the event. Additionally, the event will include a series of cultural events promoting intercultural exchange and dialogue.By taking part in the event, the participants will go through a non-formal as well as informal learning experience aimed at the promotion of participatory citizenship and intercultural dialogue. Within the project the organisers wish to encourage young people to actively participate in discussions currently on the political agenda as well as to learn new skills through working in international multi-cultural teams on challenging political topics.The Session will be organised by voluntarily active young people aged between 18 and 25 making the Session an entirely youth driven project. The applicant coordinates the sending of participants from 15 countries to the event, which is hosted by the main project partner, EYP Sweden.
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