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Start date: 15 Oct 2012,

This project involves 3 European HEIs & 8 PC HEIs in the Southern Neighbouring Area (SNa), as well as student representatives (AISEC&ESTIEM), association of professionals (Forum Cadres Tanger) & the Union of Moroccian Women.The general objective of this project is to contribute to support the HEIs in the Southern Neighborhood area (SNa) in establishing a lifelong learning (LLL) policy, as a key element for social cohesion and economic development, with the aim of improving the awareness of the role of the HEIs as training actors and contributing to promote an advanced knowledge-based economy.This project will contribute to setting up a fruitful dialogue between HEIs, and social, educational and professional institutions, on shared analysis and best practice examples from the EU and SNa contexts, giving impetus to LLL curricula design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and promotion through piloting curricula. This project will work on the production and exchange of knowledge, innovation and investment in the training of professionals and institutions with the ultimate aim of contributing to the socio-economic progress of the Southern Neighborhood areaFinally, this project will not only create a network of the participating Euro-Mediterranean universities, but also will enhance the relation between HEIs and local and regional contexts, developing constructive and collaborative dialogues, and providing the professionals the required updated training and at the same time attracting more sources of funding from the entrepreneurial context. Policy makers, governments, in particular the Ministries of Education, are expected to enhance strong connections and gain a prominent role in the LLL education at HEI level.
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