Search for European Projects - Preparatory networking tool to enhance European-Asian higher education cooperation
Start date: Oct 15, 2010, aims at enforcing institutional cooperation and joint initiatives of European and Asian higher education institutions that - in the long term - will lead to an increase in European-Asian mobility and cooperation in higher education. More specifically, will facilitate the initiation of new European-Asian higher education projects, foster links and networks of European and Asian higher education representatives and support the inclusion of Asian institutions in ongoing or new Erasmus Mundus projects. is targeted at both European and Asian higher education representatives, with European representatives being the direct beneficiaries of this project. will financially support 30 selected European higher education representatives to participate in a networking seminar in Asia (ASEMUNDUS seminars, taking place in 2011 and 2012) with the aim to initiate contacts, search for appropriate Asian partners and possibly create a project consortium for applying under the Erasmus Mundus programme. A "market place" will be organised at these seminars that will allow participants to present project ideas and match with appropriate partners. Beneficiaries will be selected through an open call for proposals targeted at all European higher education institutions. It is expected that the financial support to preparatory and networking activities will result in the set-up of new European-Asian projects and increased participation of Asian institutions in ongoing or new Erasmus Mundus projects. The project beneficiaries will be incorporated into a network of experts on European-Asian cooperation in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme. To this extend, an online community will be created by the project in which both Asian and European partners can participate. All information and results regarding will be published on the ASEMUNDUS website (http://www.asem-education-secretariat.orq/en/asemundus/), including selected testimonials of networking activities. Selected beneficiaries will further be invited to attend and actively participate in the ASEMUNDUS final conference, to provide examples of good practice. A final report will evaluate the results of networking activities in Asia and their impact on cooperation between European and Asian higher education institutions.
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