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Euro-Arab perspectives on the challenge of refugee flows
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Currently large flows of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries are finding their ways to various safer countries in the region and to Europe. In both regions these flows of refugees have sparked intense debates. Whatever one's opinion on the matter is, it seems without a doubt that both the MENA region and Europe will experience large flows of migration in the years to come. In order to ensure sustainable treatment of all the problems connected to these migration flows, it is inevitable that the MENA region and Europe will have to intensify their cooperation on the matter. Shaping this cooperation is a question that takes a central place throughout the seminar.Twelve delegations from different countries in the EU and the MENA region will be present, consisting of three persons each. The participants are selected with a maximum level of diversity, from existing networks of cooperating liberal youth organizations such as AYUFD, LYMEC and IFLRY. These networks are characterised by strong curiosity for each other’s practices and have individually been trying to formulate a vision on the current issues with refugee flows. This seminar brings these seperate efforts together, creating a vibrant group that has experience with all the facets of issues surrounding refugees flows. The policymakers will be originating from a range of public and non­governmental institutions, from the local to the international level.The key objectives of the seminar can be identified as follows: Creating mutual awareness of problems that arise in both regions due to refugee flowsExploring and examining the similarities and differences between the problems that are identified. Identifying, using all the different experiences from participants, tactics and strategies to combat certain problems. Spreading knowledge of each others experiences, problems and perspectives in each own respective nation. The seminar offers a program based on the principles of non­formal education, focusing on exchange and debate of ideas and best practices, the reworking and integration of these in existing strategies. Working groups will identify tools, work on strategies, and present these in plenary sessions. Input will be given mainly by the policymakers who function as experts and by the participants themselves. A media team will ensure dissemination of results through the publication of seminar outcomes through social media networks. Also feedback and follow­up events will be organized locally by the participating organizations after the seminar to share the gained insights among youth in their countries of origin. Finally, an evaluation report will be compiled by the hosting organization (the Young Democrats), which also includes an elaborate assessment of the implementation of policy, agreed upon during the seminar.

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