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EURICA - EURope and latin ameRICA: Enhancing University Relationships by Investing in Cooperative Actions
Start date: Jul 15, 2013,

EURICA: EUrope and ameRICA – Enhancing University Relations by Investing in Cooperative Actions, is an EU-Latin American network for the advancement of Higher Education coordinated by the University of Groningen (NL) and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (MX). It consists of 20 full member HEIs targeting a total of 15 countries: 7 in Europe and 8 in Latin America. These are: Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain; and El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras & Nicaragua (Group A), and Argentina, Chile, Colombia & Mexico (Group B). The project foresees 292 mobility flows: 192 from LA to EU, and 100 from EU to LA. Central to the EURICA consortium is that it is composed of both experienced and new players in EMA2 and internationalisation, creating new synergies and opportunities for collaboration. Also, EU partners all are established international players, but for the majority cooperation with the LA region so far has been limited. Unique to EURICA is its sustainability focus through the establishment of four Learning Communities (LC). Each LC revolves around a topic that has particular relevance for the modernisation and internationalisation of Higher Education. The LC thematic focus has been derived from a needs analysis of regions, countries and institutions of coverage, equity and quality issues. LC are: 1. Public-Private Cooperation; 2. Quality & Equity; 3. Learning Competences; and 4. Double Degrees. Each LC is led by an experienced Group B university in order to maximise learning potential and synergies with less experienced (Group A) HEIs. Other noteworthy EURICA strategies are: focus on identification of vulnerability; focus on exchange of staff and contributions to sustainability; and the implementation of measures to facilitate study recognition and credit transfer. In this regard, the Coordinator involvement in the development of a single LA credit system (CLAR) via Tuning Latin America deserves particular mentioning.

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