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EUREKA - Enhancement of University Research and Education in Knowledge Areas useful for Sustainable Development (EU - Latin America)
Start date: Jul 15, 2013,

EUREKA SD – Enhancement of University Research and Education in Knowledge Areas useful for Sustainable Development, will organize 315 mobilites, at all education and administrative university levels, between European and Latin American (LA) countries., The exchanges will be dedicated to educational and research of the areas supporting Sustainable Development (SD). The applicant- University of Oldenburg (UOL) and its Centre for Environmental and Sustainability Research have established traditions the field. The mission of EUREKA SD is to promote and enhance the research and education on SD. The partnership’s background outlines holistic analysis, trans-disciplinary knowledge creation and new scientific methods for modelling, decision making, knowledge discovery and knowledge management. This comprehensive profile and the cooperation of UOL with the Iberian American Network of Knowledge Discovery Eureka Iberoamerica will be the strategic foundation for achieving these objectives. The project partners will promote participation of students from LA. The Iberian American Association for Post-graduated Education (AUIP) will contribute to wide promotion and involvement in the exchange programme. Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and less developed regions of LA are specially beneficiated by the mobilities. The project will creation six LA regional clusters which will guarantee good local project management, fostering cooperation and mobility profiles answering the needs in LA. Each of the clusters will be led by a partner university and will include associates like other HEIs, companies, governmental organizations and non- governmental organizations. The EU universities will be introduced to these clusters through bilateral mobilities. The main outcome of EUREKA SD will be creation of EU-LA academic, scientific, innovation and business projects space, based on trans-disciplinary in a new scientific network- EUREKA International.

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