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Euregio Karelia – New Challenges in Implementing the Northern Dimension
Start date: Sep 19, 2001, End date: Sep 18, 2004 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Euregio Karelia was established in the previous programme period: a joint will, a joint administration, a joint programme and a joint fund were created. The new project will further support functioning of the joint administration and follow the realisation of the prioritised projects. Activities in the international border region network is a central mode of operation. The project will strengthen the position of Euregio Karelia on both the national and the international level as an example of a form of cross-border co-operation at the border between the EU/Finland and Russia. Co-ordination of Interreg and Tacis projects continues to be a central aspect in the activities of the Administrative Committee of Euregio Karelia. Collection of money to the Euregio Karelia Fund is still a central task. In Finland the project is implemented by the regional councils of North Karelia, Kainuu and Northern Ostrobothnia. All activities of the project involve also the Ministry of Economic Development of the Karelian Republic. Achievements: The administrative structures and programme policies of Euregio Karelia were strengthened: the joint meetings of the administration committee became a forum for agreeing on the targets, focal points and guardianship of crossborder cooperation on the political level; and improved the implementation of joint projects, such as the border crossing policies of Kuusamo, projects related to the cross-border cooperation of young people, and the eKarelia project. The project compiled a report to develop the information society, Karelia - Euregio Karelia kulttuurisena yhteiskuntana (eKarelia, Euregio Karelia as a Cultural Society) in Finnish, Russian and English, which secured the funding for eKarelia from the Commission of EU. The top projects determined by the administration committee were also the starting point for choosing the focal points of the new Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programme. Euregio Karelia was defined a political and strategic role in the programme document of the Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood programme, and the administration committee began reorganising their duties and procedures. Euregio Karelia was presented as a model of cross-border cooperation to the new EU border area member countries, such as the Latvians, Polish and Ukrainians. The Republic of Karelia was chosen as a European region in 2003. With regard to international cross-border cooperation, Euregio Karelia was a member of the Association of European Border Regions, and the government of the AEBR held its meetings in the area of Euregio Karelia. With the help of the project, Euregio Karelia became a good example on regional cross-border cooperation in negotiations between Finland and Russia, and this gave new impetus to the cooperation between Finland and Russia and the Northern Dimension of the European Union. The project had a layout made for Euregio Karelia, registered Euregio Karelia as a trademark, and published a book in English by Valeri Shljamin about the Northern Dimension.
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  • 2000 - 2006 Euregio - Karelia  (FI-RU)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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