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EurAfrican partnership for change
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

The 'EurAfrican Partnership for Change' project aims at enhancing the Ghanaian, Kenyan and South African civil societies through the empowerment and capacity building of youth organisations and structures based in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. 12 European AFS organisations will share their expertise with 3 African youth organisations located in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa thus contributing to the development of stronger youth structures which will ultimately lead to more active citizenship and greater democracy in these three countries.A group of 18 experienced youth workers from 11 European countries will travel to the 3 African countries where they will be involved in feasibility studies and trainings aimed at 96 youth workers and multipliers residing in 3 different regions of each of the 3 African participating countries. In order to ensure an effective preparation, implementation and follow-up of the project a Steering Group will gather at the beginning of the project, halfway and after the main activities have been held. After the feasibility studies and trainings have taken place an international seminar will be held in Europe bringing together European youth workers and 6 African key participants to the trainings held in the African countries allowing the sharing of experiences, a debate on the main conclusions, defining possible paths ahead and the formulation of recommendations for the future EurAfrican relations which will be compiled in a guide on "Facilitating a Sustainable EurAfrican Partnership for Change".As a result of this projecťthe African participating youth organisations and structures will be reinforced as their key youth workers receive training not only on topics ranging from organisational development to the integration of young people with diverse cultural backgrounds into the youth structures but also on issues of global concern, such as the wide usage of new technologies, gender equality, social inclusion, etc.An interactive project website will make this project more visible to the wider public. Furthermore, the project will be promoted on the websites and internal/external publications of all project partners and also in their communication with national and international forums and platforms which they are party to

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