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EUR-rights: volunteers join the debate!
Start date: Aug 1, 2013,

´EUR-rights: volunteers join the debate!` is a project with a duration of 14 months that aims at raising awareness of young people about their rights as European citizens and at promoting active youth citizenship through volunteering in Europe. The project takes place within the framework of - and as direct support to - the European Year of Citizens. The current economic crisis has a very negative effect on young people, as youth unemployment rates are rising all over Europe. It is therefore important to raise awareness of young citizens about their rights, such as the right to move and reside freely in other EU countries, but also the right to join in the debate about the future of Europe and the right to vote in the upcoming European elections. Knowing and understanding their rights is the first step, but it is also important to encourage young people to exercise their rights as active citizens. Therefore the EUR-rights project will inform young people of the benefits of participating in international volunteering projects. The project will emphasize how volunteering can help young people to acquire skills, knowledge and open up new networks that may bring (job) opportunities, and at the same time demonstrate how volunteering contributes to more tolerance and understanding between European citizens. An EVS volunteer from Italy will be selected to work from Antwerp, Belgium where the SCI office is based, to support the coordination of various communication tasks that aim at raising awareness of young Europeans through online platforms and websites, social media, electronic magazines, etc. The volunteer will also represent SCI externally in meetings organized by other youth networks in Europe. The volunteer will work closely with other young volunteers in SCI branches and partner organizations who will reproduce the campaign on citizenship nationally and locally, for example by organizing debates on various topics related to the future of the EU.
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