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EUR ING - Development of ICT supported, flexible training to enable designers to apply Eurocodes in accordance with the national regulations of different Member States

The project aims to produce case studies of structural design to the new Eurocodes (focused on standardization and mobility) based on re-design of a real recent building construction project and incorporating the requirements of the National Annexes (adaptation of Eurocodes to national requirements), Health and Security-related issues and construction practices of each partner country. Target groups are individual designers and organizations in the steel construction sector. Expected results are training materials on three different formats: 1) Conventionally presented design; 2) Paper-based lecture with Powerpoint presentation; 3) Web-based, self-learning package. Project benefits of results from 3 previous LdV projects by same promoter (SSEDTA, SSEDTA2 and NFATEC).
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9 Partners Participants