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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

New technologies have made the world of Education change, teachers need new tools to motivate students to make learning more appealing and avoid early school leaving. EU data show . Recent surveys have also shown that Apps for mobile applications have become the most used tool among young people and that most of them feel confident and enjoy using them "". So the main aim of this project is to motivate students to create their own educational apps that will help them to feel motivated to go on studying, to improve their academic results, and to develop their entrepreneurial skills by learning to promote them and market them allowing them to be innovative. Moreove the use of apps will also help them to learn about other langugages and cultures because they will share and eleaborate their apps with their peers in the partnership in English and in their own language, so the project will reach and international dimension . Furthermore students will feel motivated to learn more because they will learn subjects not in the traditional way but in a way that is really appealing to them. The students will be the ones that will produce the learning apps that will help them to learn more and avoid leaving their studies in a very appealing way , and theri learnt will help them not only to find a job but also to create their own products becuase the outcomes of the project (apps) will be tested and used practically by students not only during the project life but afterwards. The 5 organisation ınvolved ın the project are schools which had previously developed EU projects and have a wıde knowledge of IT moreover as they are from North , South, East and West of EU and come from different, social; economic and cultural backgrounds a wider international dimension will be reacherd. Norway , Turkey and Spain have worked together previously in the project WAVES 2010-1-1GB1-COM06-05637. Norway and Lithuania have worked also together in three Nordplus Junior projects and Italy is going to work with Spain in another project. But most important for the selection of the partners is that we trust each other and know that we will get our aim together.We plan 3 coordinating meetings very begininng , beginning of the second year and end of the sencond year, to plan, annalyse and control all the steps of the projects from the begining till end of funding, to make an internal (teacher- st) and external (company) evaluation during all the steps and to check that the dissemination tools we create are used in the right way to reach all our stakholders . A web, Fb ,You tube channel, e-twinning site, 3 Newsletters brochures, will be made with all the information in English and in the laguage of each country and at least 2 final conferences will be held in each country at the end of each year to explain results. An survey will be written at the beiginning about the way applications (apps ) and new technologies are used in partners schools and an initial survey will be made to students too to see the stage of motivation, knowledge of languages , cultural awareness, IT and academic results to see evolution .A common report will be written by the coordinator and will be shared on all communicationa and dissemination channels of the project. This tool will help to design a common edu- training program on apps that will be used to teach teachers and students . Students wil then select 3 subjects and will write 30 questions in Engish and their language about them, each organisation will create 3 educational apps with these questions. all their activities will be shown at the 2 students meetings that will be held. They will also prepare presentations about their cultures and will be in charge of promoting their apps ( entrepreneurial skills) There will be a change of methodology becuase students will become the key in the learning and methodology outputs. teachers will become mentors and leaders, We aim at having an impact on all stakeholders at all levels students to go on studying and to become more creative and innovative this will help them not only not be better students but also to find a job easily when finishing their studies, teachers becuase students will be more motivated to attend to classes and parents because they will feel a change of attitude in their children and companies because they will get better prepared employees and will work with students/teachers . Impact is expected at all levels, locally, regionally, nationally, at Eu level we will integrate what is learnt into schools curricula , The project website, will be continued once the funding ends because we want to encourage other students , teachers and companies to go on working together creating educational tools useful for all.
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