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EU Youth: From theory to action
Start date: Oct 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of the project is to foster the employability and innovative potential of young people /students & graduates by upgrading and developing their competencies for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial attitudes and other transversal competencies necessary for successful entering the labour market. This aim is to respond to the educational challenges of the higher education in Europe and all members of the EU. All main project products, which will be maintained after EU funding, are: ICT tool for competence assessment, Decision-making simulation company, Training packages per competence (for student/graduate and for trainer/lecturer). All products will be translated in the national partners’ languages plus English and will be available for public usage after the project implementation through various means. ActYouth EU project will impact on trainers and lecturers of higher education providing them with well-focused and complex methodology and tools to improve the efficiency in incorporating transversal skills such as entrepreneurial and enterprising skills, which will have a positive effect on the employability of graduates, improving European competitiveness and social cohesion. To maximize impact, ActYouth EU will seek direct involvement of lecturers and SMEs in project activities to benefit from their experience. Involvement in the partnership of different kind of actors will assure a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences between business and academic sectors and a joint development of innovative learning/teaching toolkits that can effectively answer to actual and future labour markets needs on entrepreneurial skills and transversal related competencies. The project implementation is divided into 9 WPs. The 1st WP concerns the project management, the 8th WP – Promotion, dissemination and exploitation, and the 9th WP – Quality control, Monitoring and Evaluation. The WPs 2-7 include direct activities leading to the project results. Division of the project into work packages and defining their aims and deliverables will enable to order the project implementation. Transparent rules of management and direct contacts between all project partners will be the base of effective project coordination. To ensure the proper project management Eurosuccess Consulting will develop the Management and Financial Plan which will include the timetable defining all activities, project outcomes/products, time limits, project milestones, risk management etc. The Exploitation Strategy will include the sustainability issues, with actions concerning the life of the project and beyond the project lifetime. The project results will be used by all project partners and become part of their offer. They could be easily incorporated into traditional educational path delivered by higher education institutions. The partnership is based on 5 important aspects: (1) previous experience in transnational projects and transnational cooperation, (2) expertise in the areas required and level of competence on it (Education & Training; Entrepreneurship), (3) complementarity of the project partners, (4) access to the direct and indirect target groups (research, dissemination, exploitation), (5) geographic coverage to ensure maximum dissemination and exploitation in EU. The partners and their networks assure a wide coverage at international, national and local level. A wide EU cooperation is essential for addressing the EU skill shortage for entrepreneurship skills and transversal competences; a long-term, goal-oriented KA between Education and Business is a crucial for setting the proper objectives, further co-developing and capitalizing the distributed knowledge and resources needed for the design, implementation and further sustainability of the project. The EU level of the project will (1) enhance the development of competencies for entrepreneurship of students and graduates in the project countries, (2) foster and widen the competencies of EU teaching staff, sharing the possibility to use innovative approach, (3) develop the innovative approach to competency development based on the competence assessment, (4) contribute to unification of the educational and training standards to recognize the learning outcomes, (5) to track the competency development of students to prepare them to successful entering the labour market, and (6) develop co-operation between the education and business sectors different countries. The ActYouth EU project is expected to have an intense impact on its target groups and stakeholders, primarily at the partner countries as well as in the rest of EU, providing tools and materials for further transfer of the knowledge in other EU countries and their institutions. Furthermore, it is expected to have a positive impact on improving growth rates in those countries and creating more jobs, which complies with Europe's growth strategy for the coming decade "smart, sustainable and inclusive growth".

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