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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is called "EU-Tours + ';The project is coordinating by EUROEDUAS association;Aims: professional development for 40 trainees VET from the Hunedoara VET + consortium, by increasing knowledge, skills, attitudes ,specific to The Tourism area,especially for qualification:"Technician in Tourism " , in order to obtain professional, personal, socio-cultural and language skills;The aim of the project arising from a real need skills training to European standards of high school students in tourism and catering, with specialization "Technician in Tourism", Level 4 of qualification.The project contributes to enriching their skills in the tourism industry through the development of technical operations of type of travel agencies;The project is consistent with the specific objectives pursued by Erasmus + in education and training namely:"Improving key competences and skills levels, particularly with regard to their relevance to the labor market, increasing mobility opportunities for teaching / learning through enhanced cooperation between education and training and labor market";Also addresses to a specific priority Erasmus plus VET ,namely the consortium created by 4 schools VET in the Hunedoara county, development of partnerships between education and the labor market (particularly companies and social partners), development of qualifications (post-secondary or tertiary short), according to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF);It is a project focused on an area with growth potential but also an area with a shortage of skills, the aim being to align VET policies with economic development strategies of local, regional and national;3-week traineeship in the Tourism industry will cover The practical training module "Technical Operations of travel agencies" specific to class XI, direct route, qualifications:" Technician in Tourism ";The overall objective of the project is to support participants to gain work experience in a working the European environment connected to their field of study , tourism, in order to facilitate professional integration in the labor market, developing their professional and personal communication skills, cooperation and labor relations, cultural skills in relation to labor market on the one hand and on the other hand, the creation of models and strategies for collaboration at regional level through consortia, thus raising institutional capacity of technical and vocational education involved in providing and as relevant qualifications for the labor market.The specific objectives are:O1- to improve skills for 40 students in tourism domanin, facilitating their professional competence in the travel agency through an internship for three weeks;O2- to develop its language skills to 40 students in the context of professional practice which are under qualification;O3-learning by 40 students of modern communication techniques with tourists, an essential condition in hospitality and services;O 4- to develop cultural competence for 40 students through: their familiarity with the way of life, tradition, customs and culture of Spain in the Andaluzia region renowned for her tourist region tourism tradition practiced;O5 -to create a partnership for high schools in field of vocational and technical education from Hunedoara county, for a better cooperation and mobility at European level.Traineeships tourism will be carried out in 4 flows, which will perform specific activities of travel agencies, according to specific standards of "Technical Operations of Travel Agency";Flow 1, 5th to 23rd of December 2016 College Economic'Hermes'PetrosaniFlow 2 ,5th to 23rd of June 2017 for Economic College "Emanuil Gojdu"Flow 3, 4th to 22nd of December, 2017 for TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL LUPENIFlow 4, 4th to 22nd of June 2018 for TECHNOLOGY HIGH SCHOOL"RETEZAT" URICANIThe host country will be Spain, Malaga town;They are attended by 10 students from each sending organization and 1 accompanning teacher ;The project Impact:At European level by getting the certificate Europass Mobility, participants will have the skills and abilities necessary for practicing the profession successfully were trained throughout the EU; By placements and transnational cooperation between NGOs, high technical schools,and tourism companies, increase the diversity of European education, forms workforce to the requirements of the knowledge economy and the needs of the tourism sector, where human resource must always be qualified and adaptable to all that's new;

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