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EU Ropes in School Education-Imaginative Lessons across the Curriculum
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The "EU Ropes in School Education-Imaginative Lessons across the Curriculum" project is aimed to make a contribution to the development of cross-curricular teaching and learning. It arouse from the realities in our schools and the characteristics of our society, which requires multi-skilled people. We are aware that previous research on cross-curricular teaching and learning has been done, but our idea is to prepare teachers to find connections with other subjects within their own lessons, including the use of modern technologies which are indispensable to such approach. The purpose of this approach is to develop students' constructing knowledge and deep comprehension of the world around them by offering them access to creative, contextual and critical learning. This strategic partnership involves six private and state schools from Romania, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece, with students aged 6-15, located either in big cities or rural areas, all linked by the same educational goals- to empower our students with skills and values for the 21st century life and to make learning meaningful and to give new strength to the teaching profession. The project signifies a return to the classroom, without denying the importance of extra-curricular activities or that of informal learning. Starting from the features of our school curricula, we intend to create a framework, examples of good practices and resources which will enable teachers to make connections with other subjects during their daily lessons. We will achieve our objectives through a variety of activities which involve theoretical research and classroom teaching which will give sustainability to our findings and also student work. There will be plenary sessions, working groups on specific subjects and groups who will be assigned theoretical research. The main project result will be the book entitled "Imaginative lessons across the school curriculum" which will offer guidance through cross-curricular teaching and learning within the same lesson. The project will further contribute to the analysis of students' own learning, allowing them to become more independent, to become aware of the fact that they need the capacity to inter-connect skills acquired during the study of different school subjects. It will stimulate teachers understanding of the concept and the importance of cross-curricular teaching and learning. If applied, our project's findings will lead to the our students' development of reflective knowledge about approaching and solving problems in any field. Our scientific material will be available to be used during teacher training sessions organised by interested stakeholders.
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