Archive of European Projects

EU OBSERVER: connecting worlds to promote European Education among universities, schools and civil society organizations
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 30 Nov 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"EU OBSERVER: connecting worlds to promote European Education between universities, schools and civil society organizations" will be a start up process to open the University system and welcome the outside world, especially youth and schools, to promote pathways of European Citizenship Education for all. Inside the "La Sapienza University" (afterwards "Sapienza") in Rome, was born in 2008 the "European Observatory" from the will of professors and students expert in Europe, its institutions and its functioning; a volunteering-based team which every year organizes series of conferences for students, manage an official website, makes specific trainings, create learning materials, interact with high level speakers, cooperate with universities of the world and it can be considered a permanent lab of observation of reality and dialogue between the academic sector and fields like law, sociology (human relationship) and economy. Erasmus Plus Programme was born also to create synergies and connections between worlds that usually don't communicate fighting together unemployment and drop out phenomena through Education and Training. The transition from school to work is also a problem that continue from university to the labor market. Schools, youth and university suffer the same disease and institutions, both Italians and Europeans, are in the middle searching to foster the 2020 Strategy, reaching benchmarks and giving a strong impulse to the 3 priorities: smart, sustainable and inclusive growing. The European Observatory believes that everything starts from something very simple: research/exploring, understanding, youth competences, communication/translation and transfer of competences. This is the process from which the University, together with youth organizations, teachers and institutions could create new pathways to "do" European Citizenship Education in schools, bringing internationalization and modernization in the European society
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