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EU-METALIC II - EU-Morocco-Egypt-Tunisia-Algeria-Libya International Cooperation
Start date: Jul 15, 2013,

There are many problems facing the LOT 2 countries but there is consensus amongst all that the problems must be solved by the countries themselves and a major tool is education. Strong international experiences are therefore important so these countries to see and experience different systems and adapt the best to their own situations. The potential for meaningful international cooperation is increased if the international partner has knowledge and understanding of the problems involved through existing connections to the region. Cardiff Metropolitan University is running two projects with Libya, Egypt and Morocco on improving Leadership in Higher Education in these countries. This has meant conducting an in-depth study of the problems, extensive debates with presidents and Ministries and establishing sustainable networks. This experience provides the strong platform for developing this proposal. This proposal consists of 20 partners, 10 EU and 10 Lot country partners covering all five Lot countries. The overall aim of this proposal is coherent with the priorities of EMA2. The ‘Arab Spring’ has made it clear that young people are asking for more and better opportunities to study and work; to move about the world; and to learn and to create new knowledge and enterprises. HE mobility is a key policy area as MENA nations address the need for a strong skills base to underpin the economic and social development of the region’s disparate economies. The consortium has set clear objectives which will contribute to the mutual enrichment of the third country and EU HE teaching and learning capacity. The consortium is unique in its selection of Associate partners which include the Ministries of Education and Chambers of Commerce who will help in identifying TG 2 students. There is also a strong determination to promote the TG3 students using Scholars at Risk and a Moroccan NGO which specialises in these matters.
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