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EU-HOU - Connecting classrooms to the Milky Way
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

Improving the attractiveness of science/technology careers among youngsters is widely recognized as vital in light of the Lisbon agenda. Schools should/can make science education more attractive by improving the quality of in-classroom science education and sound use of informal in-school activities. Our main goal is the promotion of experimental science teaching to improve scientific education in schools, by "taking" hands-on experimental active learning into the classroom. EU-HOU is a wide Consortium involving 11 European countries. EU-HOU was born in 2004 with a MINERVA granted project, and has been honoured with the silver award of the European Commission at the occasion of the conference "Innovation and Creativity in the Lifelong Learning Programme: Create, Innovate and Cooperate" held in Prague, 6-7 May 2009, in the framework of the EU Czech Presidency. In 2012, the worldwide radio telescope ALMA will start operations. Radio astronomy is entering a new golden age and will unveil the Universe as never before, a fantastic opportunity for widening formal and informal educational training and public involvement, in schools and through science centres and museums, for making a science impact on young people. This project will develop the first European network of radio telescopes for education, enabling schools to explore the Milky Way through Internet, and IBSE pedagogical resources to be used in the classrooms. Outreach and dissemination will rely on 10000 CD rom distributed in European schools and circulating posters exhibitions, a multilingual website to freely disseminate pedagogical materials, plus a forum allowing teachers to share knowledge and experiences. EU-HOU contributes significantly to raising the attractiveness of science education and to the development/modernisation of EU schools. Our project will have a very positive impact on the way students interpret school and the whole process of learning.

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