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EU-EVERYPLACE: Less Widely Used and Taught Languages in Less Widely Known and Visited Places
Start date: 01 Dec 2011,

Less widely used languages as spoken in less widely known places form the content of the language courses proposed by this project. Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish as well as German for wider impact, aimed at two target groups – students and SMEs employees - will be first taught online, followed by an immersion courses in the five countries. Certification of attained level of language is proposed. For a foreigner, a country is primarily its capital and tourist attractions, yet a European Everyman lives in most part in a European Everyplace. The title of the project - “Everyplace” brings forward another aspect of the project – interesting, small and medium sized towns as content providers for the language courses. These towns will provide not only an attractive and authentic context for the language content but will also be dissemination medium. The project’s product will offer to them an inexpensive online instrument of promotion. The towns in return will cascade the access to the product of this project through their web pages, business organizations, associations, local colleges. Marketing of places is gaining momentum nowadays. The towns, as our survey among 23 towns in Poland has shown, are interested in such promotion opportunity. Another element of content will be the intercultural differences especially as seen through the sectoral context of the two target groups. The project adopts the contextual and emotional pedagogical perspective focusing on stimulating learning environment and learner motivation. The tasks will be contextualized in authentic settings and everyday, as well as sector-specific, situations. Ultimately, the project’s exploitable outcome will be a platform for place, language, culture presentation and learning of European languages. The exploitation strategy of the project will secure its sustainability and further development into a showcase for Europe’s less known languages and less visited yet interesting places.
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