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EU EBM Unity – European Union Evidence Based Medicine Unity

EU EBM UNITY (European Union Evidence Based Medicine Unity) tends to improve transparency, efficiency of practice and health outcomes across the European Union Healthcare sector through the promotion and pilot of a European Union qualification in Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) for medical practitioners. A core EBM curriculum that is integrated into clinical practice- combining work based and classroom/home training will be developed. The project is also seen necessary because of the European working time directive and the shortages in supply of medical trained persons (fe. doctors) in many European countries. The project will establish a pan-European assessment of current medical training (at Foundation level 2) and the already described European Qualification, which addresses training experience and accreditation issues for one of the potentially highly mobile employee groups in the EU. There is seen transferability by slightly adapting the curriculum towards other healthcare staff and other sectors as fe. the medical technology sector. The developed course will be translated from English into the languages of the partner countries. Because of the partners there are seen important dissemination/valorisation possibilities.
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