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Etude des disciplines et pratiques équestres en Europe: Espagne et Italie
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Committed for 9 years in European mobility, the MRF Fonteveille school and equestrian training center too, has sent 47 students of Driving Equine Management of a Company BTEC in 16 equestrian businesses of Mijas (Spain) and Bellusco (Italia) for 2 weeks, and 4 Professional Diploma of Youth and Sports Horse mention internships in the Royal Dressage School of Ronda. They were divided into 2 groups (25 in March, 28 in April), supervised by members of the MFR (school). They followed a special training (classes of English and Spanish, administrative, cultural, historical, economic data from Spain, the report of the preparatory visit), followed by on-site Spanish and Italian lessons and cultural visits . Four Spanish internship masters who participated in the 2014 project, came to meet students of the MFR in December in order to better prepare their stay and specify objectives, assess their riding and track progress. The objectives were the study of horse breeds, specific activities (Doma Vaquera, doma clasica, High School), the overall operation of the equestrian business, monitoring the horses, but also to communicate in a foreign language, gain autonomy , feeling European citizen, plus for BP (riding instructors): compare ways of giving a riding and deepen their technical progress. During the two weeks, the internship was held from 8 to 14:00, the remaining half day is devoted to language courses, professional and cultural visits. An intermediary agency, Euro 21, placing the European Association youth training, found the appropriate structures (then views at the preparatory visit) the hotel, assured the Spanish courses. They were divided into groups of 2 students on structures (equestrian center for example). In view of the progress, monitoring, evaluations and student tutor, it is clear that the objectives were achieved, all partners who wish a reiteration of the project. The benefits of the internship, which program was developed through consultation among all partners, French, Italian and Spanish are: exchange in the professional skills, create a network, discover technics, enhancement in future job searches, expanding its cultural openness, improve its level languages, confront each other, but also develop independence, maturity, the adaptation, have a life experience. The beneficiaries are followed throughout the project by the Project Steering Committee (members and directors of the Fonteveille MFR) are measured through internship visits, logbook with technical and cultural forms to fill on site, by presenting their internships and visits during the socio cultural education CCF (school assessments). Beneficiaries received an Europass mobility, an Europass certificate of languages, a certificate of attendance to the sessions PPLC (issued by Fonteveille LIM), a certificate of attendance to the course and the language course, a certificate of acquired competences (issued by Euro 21). When they came back, they presented the results to the members of the MFR, to the students, to the Board of Directors, during the General Meeting of the school.

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