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Ettevõtlik noor = noor ettevõtja?
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Dec 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth seminar "Active youngster = young entrepreneur?" will be held in Udu talu over a three day period in the end of august ". There will be 50 participants plus at least 10 policy makers. The idea for this project was born on the last years youth seminar "Me on the top of the world", when youngsters and policy makers where discussing on what terms are youngster willing to come back to Jogeva and through different workshops and discussions we reached to word "enterprising and entrepreneurship". So we though to bring youngster, policy makers and entrepreneurs together and talk about these topics. Project object is to find out what are youngster and policy makers expectations and to find ways to support active youngsters and youngters who wish to be entrepreneurs. Over the three day period we will use different methods and workshops to get youngters to open up to talk about their vision for the future. With this project we like to find out: - What are youngster expectations and what kind of support they need? To find ways to support youngsters when they start thier own business. - How can youngster be active and more involved today? - What are policy makers expectations ? - What opportunities do we have today and where can we go from here? What do we need? - To find ways to support young entrepreneurs. The idea is to have discussions and workshops to find answers and solutions for the topics above. Hopefully in the end of the project youngsters see that being entrepreneur or starting a business, can be a way of life. We like to show policy makers, that youngster are active citizens with their own ideas and opinions. We want that policy makers would see them as partners with who they can discuss future opportunities and ways how they can support young entrepreneurs in the future.
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