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Etkili İletişim ve Çatışma Çözümünde Yenilikçi Yöntemler
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Accorrding to the researches,a person spends 70 % of his life by speaking, listening, watching or writing that is by communicating. Mostly communication errors ocur as we listen to answer rather than to understand. It is necessary to understand the body language in a right way, to focus on the reasons of communicational conflicts, types and conflict management strategies besides the skills such as understanding the body languauge in a right way, perceiving, listening, expressing, persuasion, self awareness, self- presentation. Communication is a universal experience. Basicly it is the way of people use to explain themselves, their feelings and thoughts, needs and to understand others. And conflict means the state of mind that opposite or equally charming desires and requests which arise simultaneously, creates on human.Students’ adaptation to their environment safely, establishing positive relationshisp with people, resolving the conflicts positively and bringing them to conclusion is among the missions of our school. In taking precautions for these problems, the abilities and knowledge of our school and stuff is insufficient. Especially our staff need new skills, techniques and perspectives for developing emphaty, efficient listening , efficient speaking, I language, body language, emotion detection, coincilation in conflict resolution issues.Our most important objective is to raise the quality of student personel services in and out of the lesson by meeting the needs and inadequacy of our teachers.Compulsory education level of our country increased to 8 years with 4+4+4 system. Now a new more flexible and democratic process has started. This proces can meet new needs and provides opportunities to get education relative to emotional, social and occupational interests. The biggest role falls to the guidence of councellors because these teachers are the ones who apply the developmental guidance programme we have mentioned above and resolve the problems in and out of the classroom. Our teachers should have effective communicating abilities and be the leaders in resolving the possible conflicts constructively. Unfortunately our teachers are inadequate in this area and they have problems to overcome these issues. The main reason for that is our teachers don’t have an active, efficient and develomental counselling training. Their skills of active listening, using body langauage, I language, solution oriented thinking in conflict resolution are insufficient and they need to develop them.Secondary school period is the period that our students reach puberty. By starting to a new period our students develop new identities. In this period there are sometimes conflicts among students. Therefore our teachers should turn the conflicts into advantage by using anger management ,I language, active body language and coincilation techniques.Our teachers Will participate in the course about this topic within the needs we have mentioned above, they Will innovative, new techniques and methods meeting their European Colleges, they Will Be involved in activities like communication among People and overcoming confloct, mediation, they Will see on place, so our teachers Will examine student personal services, Will develop knowledge, skills and efficiency.Besides the self-improvement, Professional knowkedge and skill acqusition of our teachers, increasing their competencies in this area and using them in our country and region, strengthening of our collaboration with the institutions and organizations in Europe, raising the standards of our school to the EU standards, encouraging learning foreign language by providing cultural interaction are among our objectives.Our event will be held in the Austria on the dates between 22.01.2017 - 02.02.2017 with 9 teachers and 1 administrator for 10 days.After our Project completes, the documents such as videos, photos, leaflets will be shared. All the news and documents related to our Project will be shared at our school website and in the groups we will create in the social media. At the end of the events, brochures regarding to the activites of the participant teachers in the host school, their experiences and skills, competencies which they gained via these activities, will be prepared and distributed schools in our district. Moreover seminars regarding to the outputs of the Project will be held in all the schools in our district. Videos and photos taken during activities will be distributed in DVDs by the District National Education Directorate.
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