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Etats généraux de la participation des jeunes - Volet Europe
Start date: Feb 16, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project aims at promoting the role of young volunteers (i.e. under civic service status) at the "Ligue de l'Enseignement"'s Paris Federation. We want to include them in a global project publicizing and supporting youth participation in civil society. This project is named “General Assembly of Youth Participation” (the French acronym for “Etats Généraux de la Participation des Jeunes”, EGPJ, will be use through this presentation). This Assembly is a major event enabling all youth projects at the local Parisian scale to be identified and largely publicized. The Ligue de l’Enseignement’s Paris Federation will set up an operation starting in January 2015 and ending with a presentation of labelled projects on 30th, May 2015. Promoting involvement of young people and highlighting varied youth projects (in their neighborhood, their school, their association, from the civic service volunteering to collaborative project, from local associative involvement to solidarity international project) will make this event a great expression space for youth involvement. We are organizing, in the context of this large event, a mobility project between Italian and French young volunteers, so as for them to discover new ways of involvement, in particular Europe-related projects. The ultimate goal of the project is to seize this opportunity, on the one hand, to develop a European section for this General Assembly, and on the other hand, to make our young volunteers participate actively in the organization of such an event. This experience will hopefully develop their professional skills regarding project management and tools implementation to build a binational project. Other young people will also be invited: Junior Associations’ young volunteers or young involved in their school or high school. The ultimate goal is to make all this different people cooperate, discuss and get to know other ways to commit for Europe. The three steps to develop a European section of the EGPJ are the following: First step The young volunteers at our different entities (Federal headquarters, animation centers, affiliated associations, etc.) will have to participate in the collection of all youth projects developed in Paris and in the Île-de-France region. After this identification work, they will have to select the projects advocating for a European dimension, and to gather them under a label “EGPJ-Europe”. The entire project will be coordinated by a Project Coordinator to be hired who will organize the EGPJ and coordinate all the work. Second step After the identification step and the labelling work, a second step will be implemented. This will consist of linking young volunteers working at the Ligue de l’Enseignement’s Paris Federation and those working at ARCI (Italian recreational and cultural Activities Association, our partner association in Italy. At the same time, the Italian young volunteers will also have worked on the identification of projects launched by young people so as to promote Europe. These young people’s ecological awareness will also be stimulated through the project, for they will have to calculate labelled EGPJ-Europe projects’ carbon footprint. The young French volunteers will travel to Italy to visit the association and take part in a presentation seminar for the French EGPJ-Europe projects. This will provide a major opportunity to discuss about the projects’ intercultural approach. Among the activities planned for this stay in Italy, the young volunteers will participate in a role-playing game mocking a (European) parliamentary debate. The simulation’s goal will be to discuss a European directive on climate change selected by the young French volunteers. After the vote on an amended directive, it will be shaped, and presented during the General Assembly. Third step Finally, a third step of restitution will be held Saturday 30th, May 2015, during the General Assembly of Youth Participation, a large gathering in Paris. The young Italian volunteers will be invited to take part in activities, in particular so as to present the Italian projects labelled EGPJ-Europe. The environment theme will hold a central role during this General Assembly, through the presentation of the European parliamentary debate simulation, and through an activity presenting EGPJ-Europe projects’ carbon footprint. Our immediate goals are the following: By the end of the project, the young volunteers will have bolstered their employability stills (project management, communication tools –media, new technologies…). After the restitution, the young that have take part in the project, and the young visiting the General Assembly, will be more aware of the differences among the notion of civil and civic involvement. Indeed, the exhibition and the discussion about projects launched by young of different nationalities will help intercultural relations, open-mindedness about different social and cultural aspects. Through the simulation, young participants wil

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