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Estrategia europea para mejorar la enseñanza integrada de contenidos y lenguas extranjeras.
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Title: European strategy to improve content and language integrated learning, CLIL.Background and objectives:Our European institutions have as objectives to improve quality, innovation and internationalization in education and training institutions, promote awareness of a European area of lifelong learning, enhance international dimension of education and training and improve teaching and language learning. In addition, Spanish education legislation strongly supports Multilingualism and states that the methodological, curricular and organizational model of bilingual schools should be to focus on “content and language integrated learning, CLIL.Moreover, our school has among its principles and educational values empowering of Multilingualism, and has a bilingual program in Compulsory Secondary Education in which both the management team, teachers and parents of students find possibilities to improve it. These possibilities are both related to expanding the program for more students (so require families) and more subjects, and better training of teachers involved, in the double sense of language training and methodological training, all of which must be translated into an overall improvement of teaching and learning, an increase of motivation of teachers and students and, consequently, a better Bilingualism Programme and an improvement of key competencies of students.Objectives:Improve linguistic and methodological training of teachers in bilingual programme (CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning).Motivate students and improve their English skills and avoid the early withdrawal.Increase the number of bilingual units and extend the programme up to high school.Meet other different European policies and experiences in the field of CLIL.Establish a network of partner schools to receive our teachers for observation activities on job shadowing or simply exchange of good practices on implementing CLIL.Offer to exchange our experience in case these partners want to know.Number and profile of participants: 10. Most teachers are working in our bilingual program, but with little training in CLIL. 3 of them have not yet entered the bilingual program. 4 of them have previous experience in European programs.Description of activities: seven courses on CLIL methodology and 7 stays for observation of good practices.Methodology to perform: to prepare the early going we created a working group where anyone who wanted could join freely. We have had partial meetings once or twice a week, and general meetings once a week. Meetings will continue to monitor the project for evaluation and dissemination.Description of expected results and impact:On participants: improve their English skills and CLIL methodology, create a network for European projects, training to create CLIL teaching units for use in our lessons in our bilingual program.On our school: Quantitative and qualitative improvement of our bilingual program, improving our network of contacts for future projects. Increasing school prestige.On our partners: Learn from us our experience and best practices in bilingual programs. Expand their network of European contacts for future projects.On target groups: improving quality of education, better student’s marks, more students skills to avoid leaving bilingual program and more open-minded to European cooperation through future projects or eTwinning KA2.Possible long-term benefits:Improve the quality of bilingual education in our school.Better academic results of the students.Best European contacts to undertake future projects.Open our school to innovative methodologies and internationalization of education and training.
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