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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our organization is a school with international opening part of the school project strategy, through Erasmus+ convention, its European class, label, school partnerships and trips abroad. That is how it expresses its will to promote the teaching of languages. The students of the technical part of our school, as they often come from underprivileged backgrounds, have a real need to grab the chances offered for international mobility. Training periods are part of the curriculum of the students, thus, work experience opportunities abroad are the most appropriate to enable the students to improve their English deeply, to reinforce their professional skills, to develop their capacity for adaptation, to discover new cultures and attain useful open-mindedness for professional and private life.Such mobility scheme involves eight students of première of Sales Management Bac Pro who will be on training for three weeks in Malta in 2017. They have been selected according to their motivation, diligence and involvement in additional business English lessons and in interdisciplinary lessons (History, Geography, Art, Professional subjects)For this project, the school calls on a service provider member of the National Office of Guaranty Of Linguistic Trip and Work Experience Abroad (Envol Espace). This service provider will supply with plane tickets, family housing, insurances, local monitoring, the housing of teachers who will be there on the first week to meet the tutors and the last week for assessment. The school provides work experience agreement documents, assessments, certification charts, necessary certificates and justification required by the Bordeaux Agency.Once selected by the teachers’ team, the students send their resume and cover letter as well as further information about the local employer. The latter will also require an interview in English. The work experience places are selected according to the profiles of the students and their centers of interests. Later on, they will have recruitment interview with the different partners on the phone or skype.To pilot this mobility project, M.HENRION, Director délégué, Mrs. Petit, sales teacher and Mrs. GAILLAND, English teacher have been working together. Mrs. Petit has started internal extra training in English and has followed a training to prepare the Non Linguistic Subject (DNL). Interdisciplinary work involving the English teachers has been settled to provide Business English courses to students. An hour course in the educational shop (led by both English and sales teachers) and 2 hours of supplementary English. In Malta, the students will take English lessons every morning of the first week. It is vital for us that the students be “armed “with linguistic tools and informed about the country and the professional task they will have to do. In that scope, gradual educational program has been established:- Elaborating level tests in English for the beginning, middle and end of the preparation. - Writing cover letters and resumes- Role playing in the educational shop- Learning the vocabulary of selling and buying.- Identifying the professional objectives working on the agreements and final assessment- Contacting the partners: the employer, the host family, the tourist office through mails, skype.- Meeting with the students families to inform about the project - Setting personal interviews with the students and the teachers to take stock of the situation, answer questions and fears.Expected results for the students:- Reinforcing their professional experience, discovering new methods of sales, improving their level at English and losing their apprehension to understand and speak a foreign ;language. They will have acquired an added value essential to their professional future in term of foreign language fluency and adaptation to unfamiliar surroundings.- Being acknowledged in the professional world in which English speaking and capacities for adaptation are often looked for.- A revival of confidence - Bringing testimonies of their experience at the school‘s Open Day with round tables with families, among the other students, through exposing in classes with a slide show and on social networks. They will be the best ambassadors of the project and will contribute to the dynamics of the initial will of our school.Expected results for the teachers:- The teacher trained for teaching business in English will also have to communicate in English with the shops receiving our trainees. - The English teacher will be trained for sales through collaboration and the experience in the shops in the partner country.
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