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Εστιάζουμε στο προσωπικό διευρύνoντας ορίζοντες Broadening horizons, focusing on staff
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school is located on an island and therefore has to tackle all those problems remote schools often face. A high percentage of our students come from underprivileged families and their parents are either unemployed or immigrants. We have planned a scheme for the future development of our institution wishing to improve the conditions inside the classroom, ameliorate teaching methods and provide incentives so as to stimulate our students' interest, support disadvantaged students and help teachers develop both personally and professionally. The scheme will take two years to be completed and involves a group of teachers participating in the following courses: • Smile(Schools Museums Internet Learning Education) • Outdoor education, landscape & outdoor venues 1 which have been chosen so as to be relative to our needs and the fields we wish to improve. On the whole we have scheduled 6 (six) mobilities for teachers who have a detailed knowledge of our school and also have the required linguistic and cognitive skills. They will be selected once the project application has been approved. Most of them have no previous experience in European programmes so these courses would meet their educational needs. Besides the teachers' mobilities, the scheme is mainly based on the dissemination of the results in the school as well as the local community. We strongly believe that the realization of the scheme will help us improve many different aspects of school life and our students will benefit from it. The scheme will be assessed during its implementation by the coordination team. The participants will acquire: • Knowledge about intercultural , environmental education • Communicative/social skills • Skills at implementing innovative teaching methods • Cooperation and teamwork skills • Experience in planning , organising , implementation and evaluation of educational activities • Increased linguistic skills We strongly believe that the course will enable teachers to: • integrate intercultural teaching tools in the teaching process • become sensitized to environmental issues and ecologically conscious • enrich their knowledge and their experience in fields such as history, geography, ecology and culture, which contribute to their personal development • encourage cooperation and solidarity among partners from different countries Apart from the positive effects the scheme is expected to have on the participants, we feel that the scheme will also have a positive impact on school students and teachers in our area and the local community in general through dissemination and the use of contemporary teaching methods in everyday teaching. We think all those involved in it will benefit from it in the long run. The students will benefit from the scheme as: • the use of new methods will help them learn how to work as a team and will improve their school performance • they will get to know digital technology creatively • they will be more sensitized to environmental issues • the underprivileged students' identity will boost through the use of intercultural teaching methods The scheme will have a positive impact and long run benefits for the school as it will contribute to its future development with the aims that have been designated during its planning. The school's infrastructure and equipment will also contribute and the cooperation with other European institutions will give it a European dimension. It will also enhance the relationships among teachers and improve their communicative skills. the experience gained from the course will give students the know-how so as to hold similar activities for the dissemination of the acquired knowledge.
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