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Establishment of environment in Võru(EE),Sigulda(LV),St.Petersburg(RU) for development of tourism (SVS ACTIVETOUR)
Start date: Apr 15, 2012, End date: May 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Active tourism sector makes a substantial contribution to the economy of the Estonian-Latvian-Russian cross-border areas, providing substantial income annually, supporting hundreds of jobs. Active tourism becomes more and more popular and reveals clear trends in local socioeconomic development, profiles cross-border co-operation and embodies spatial features of investment policies, wealth, local pride and environmental values. Researches and trends in the tourism sector clearly show that investments and tourism strategies for active tourism in cross-border regions of Võru, Sigulda and St.Petersburg are required. Local authorities and entrepreneurs are seeking for opportunities to enhance the amount of the tourists visiting areas. Sigulda, Voru and St.Peterburg is an attractive place for tourists during summer time, but significant improvements have be to be done for winter time, so it is essential to create an infrastructure which would be used for active tourism in winter and summer. Recent active tourism development has often been associated with the emergence of sports tourism, which is the type of tourism that promotes movement of people-sportists from one country to another to take part in sports competitions, sports camps and which is based on the use of tourism services - accommodation and catering. From the growth of overnight tourism point of view, sports tourism is even more cost-effective than a simple active tourism, which very often is based on one-day action, including an overnight stay. Sports events refers to larger quantity of people participating at a competitive sport event for period which is longer and more often than one day tourist visit. Sports events also attract more visitors-tourists with the purpose of watching events. The solution is that new infrastructure has to be created as well as the existing infrastructure renovated for development of active and sports tourism in all cross-border regions of Sigulda, Voru and St.Petersburg. In the framework of the project the following infrastructure will be developed: new active and sports centre in Sigulda, Laurenči. It will consist of 1.4 km of ski track and cooled 1,1 km ski track as a part of it, Stadium and service house. Existing active tourism, sports and recreational objects at Voru, Kubija recreation centre will be renovated and developed - sports and playgrounds, soccer fields, volleyball and handball courts, paths renovated and developed. 4 well equipped service houses on existing skiing tracks of St.Peterburg will be built. After implementation of the project increase of tourists amount will have a positive effect on the local business sector growth in all 3 areas – Sigulda district, Voru region and St.Petersburg. It will increase returns, profitability and employment in the all cross-border regions. Achievements: OutputsActive and sports tourism objects developed at Laurenči centre in Sigulda (Latvia), Kubija recreation centre in Voru (Estonia), and 2 service houses on existing skiing tracks in St.Petersburg (Russia): - at Laurenči centre cooled 1,1 km ski track, stadium and a service house constructed; - at Kubija recreation centre sports and playgrounds, soccer fields, volleyball and handball courts, paths renovated and developed; - at Kurortniy and Primorskiy districts of St.Petersburg 2 service houses built and equipped; *Sport & service equipment provided: - snow making/maintenance complex and 16 ski sets at Laurenči centre; - tractor for paths maintenance and fitness complex at Kubija centre; - 30 ski sets (with mounting, sticks and boots) and 32 bicycles at St.Petersburg service houses; *14 sport events organized; 3 brochures in 50250 copies, 48 press-releases, 1760 promotion items, 4 memory plaques and 6 short movies on sport events produced Project webpages created and information published on,, www.kfis.spb.ruResults*Active and sports tourism objects available for sportsmen and wider public in Sigulda (Latvia), in Voru (Estonia) and in St.Petersburg (Russia); *Joint active and sports tourism strategy for further development of cooperation between Sigulda District, Voru District and St.Petersburg produced; * Healthy and active lifestyle promoted for local communities, local municipalities and regional authorities; *Sport organisations partnership widely promoted due to close cross-border cooperation and joint events; Promotional materials in 4 languages for sport infrastructure and joint activities widely available for local and regional audience
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