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Establishing Skills Core for CVET Trainer
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  ONGOING 

Continuing Vocational and Educational Training (CVET) is one of the major instruments to meet the challenges of the European 2020 strategy. The Bruges Communiqué invited the States Members to improve the training of CVET educators and trainers through flexible trainings to enable them to manage the educational and training tasks which are increasingly broad and complex.The market of continuing vocational and education training in Europe has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, resulting in: - a generalization of calls of tenders (public and private markets), - a quality requirement improvement, resulting in the need of certifications for trainers, - a requirement of productivity and rationalization of training, which causes trainers to apply training engineering which takes into account the achievements of learners, creates individualized training paths and adapts theirs courses to validate and certify. - a demand for a competency-based approach in training to improve the efficiency of the training for the learners.To meet these challenges and meet the European CVET market requirements, the skills of adult trainers and particularly the teaching and pedagogical skills are becoming critical and have a direct impact on the quality of training.From these findings, the project ESCoT helps to develop and establish a core of teaching skills for adult trainers, shared and enriched base at European level. It aims at improving the development of these skills by the use of flexible online just-in-time trainings.The project ESCoT provides tools and solutions in order to: - facilitate the assessment and management of pedagogical skills of trainers by themselves and by training organizations, - develop the pedagogical skills of trainers using appropriate training, focusing on situations that trainers face and providing innovative and efficient practices and knowledge shared at the European level, - develop the accessibility of this training of trainers by blended learning flexible method using online resources that can be provided to support the development of teaching skills.The project ESCoT provides to trainers and training organizations: - teaching skills assessment and management tools for trainers in relation to various situations they encounter, providing them teaching skills profile, - online training modules of trainer training that can be used to implement flexible blended training to accompany the development of teaching skills of trainers in different situations - a guide of good practices for the development of teaching skills, which capitalizes the experiences of various CVET organizations and networks in Europe.

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