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Establishing a university communication structure
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

STRATEGICOM calls for the formulation of a communications strategy based on an in-depth analysis of best practices in communications throughout European Universities adapted to local needs, the training of relevant university personnel implicated and culminating in a Recommendation Paper to be presented to the Ministry of Higher Education for its approval. Through the participation and endorsement of the Ministry of Higher Education, the Recommendation Paper becomes a tool for the reform of the Algerian higher education structure.The Project will be implemented in three phases:1) Research/analysis phase: consists in the Algerian needs assessment, followed by an analysis of European best practices in the realm of university communications which includes study visits by Algerian partners and resulting in the formulation of an Algerian model based on European best practices adapted to local needs.2) Communication Strategy Implementation: this includes two main activities: - Training: consists in the online and in-country (i.e., blended) training of five professional profiles per university and culminating in the drafting of the Strategic Communication Plan, which, among other things, sets forth thea) activities/services to be providedb) the roles and requirements of personnel within this structurec) the organizational requirements needed to pursue the plan- Testing: consists in the implementation of the Strategic Communication Plan by establishing a pilot communication structure within Algerian partner universities.3) Consultation phase: involves the joint analysis of the Strategic Communication Plan and drafting of a Recommendation Paper by Ministry Officials and Project Steering, with the aim of submitting such Recommendation Paper for approval by the Ministry of Higher Education.

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