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ESIA Voluntary Service -Volunteerism for Global Education and Understanding
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

The "ESIA Voluntary Service - Volunteerism for Global Education and Understanding" project aims to develop a sustainable partnership mechanism between Asia and European youth organizations working on volunteerism as an entry point to ensure young people's participation, empowerment and commitment to address different social challenges that affects them.This project is designed to use Global Education as a transformative learning tool which will lead all the partners to deeply understand each unique culture and transforming the culture of individualism towards a culture of partnership based on dialogue and cooperation. Building from the global education initiatives will ensure a partnership model that can lead into an international understanding and cooperation between nations and peoples.In order to reached the mentioned goals, the following activities shall be implemented:1. ESIA Voluntary Service Networking Seminar - The purpose of this networking seminar is to allow all partners to sit down together and assess the learning of the past initiatives and create a realistic mechanism how to institutionalized, sustain and expand the network of Asia-Europe youth voluntary exchange. This will allow all partners to provide specific commitments necessary to make it happen and see the value of the network as an investment to ensure the continuity of Asia-Europe youth partnership. The activity will take place in Philippines where they exhibited strong experience in pushing Asia-Europe youth partnerships on various issues.2. Training on Global Education for Volunteer Managers - This particular activity is designed to provide volunteer organizations the tools and concepts of global education as an essential approach towards gtobal-understandingrT-he-training-shall-be-done-in-Spain-where-existing-exampLesLO^ucíÊSsMglobal education strategies and integration on youth activities are available with balance Asia-Europe -peFspectiver-3. Asia-Europe Youth Exchange - The purpose for this youth exchange is to allow European and Asian youth to meet each other and exchange their experiences on volunteering and on integration effort of global education principles. This is based on the premise that global education is deeply integrated already in each of the activities but most often than not, are not properly documented or not consciously being emphasized.4. Local conferences on global education - will be organized in each partner country to share the results of the project and reflect about the introduction of the global education aspect in the activities of different stakeholders, NGOs and local volunteers to follow the idea "think globally, and act locally"The project includes four (4) partners from Asia (China, India, Philippines and Vietnam) and four (4) partners in Europe (Greece, Spain, Poland and Lithuania) working together to contribute to the permanent and annual priorities of EU Youth in Action programme below:Permanent Priorities: Participation of Youth People, Cultural Diversity, European Citizenship and Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.Annual priorities:• EU-China Year of Youth specifically in the context of ensuring dialogues between European andChinese together with other Asian countries on the issue of cultural understanding and cooperation;• Youth, poverty and marginalization specifically in promoting young people's commitment towards amore inclusive growth and fight against poverty and'marginalization through volunteerism;• Spirit of Initiatives and creativity specifically in allowing young people to be exposed on globaleducation which will widen their perspective and allow them to think beyond the usual; and• Global environmental challenges and climate change mitigation and adaptation, specifically indocumenting actual work to address these through volunteerism.

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