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ES šalių patirtis kurčiųjų profesinio orientavimo kontekste
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the project is to improve the competenciesof vocational guidance and counseling experts working with people with hearing disabilities through the improvement of practical vocational guidance and counseling skills and application of new methods and experience of Slovenian and Italian practice in the field of vocational guidance and counseling for people with hearing disabilities. Employment opportunities of deaf and hard of hearing are limited; therefore,ensuring a successful job search and staying at work place require specific knowledge in vocational guidance and counseling. Deaf is a specific group of people with disabilities, who are in need of adjustment of vocational guidance services. This was important to cooperate and take inspiration from the countries with a long experience in this field. During the project we sought to access how the European sphere of lifelong learning is developed through vocational guidance and counseling and how the development of general and specific competences in people with hearing disabilities is implemented. Also, it was planned to examine the participation of partner organizations in the implementation of vocational guidance strategy for deaf,the methodologies used,the achievement of labor demand and supply compatibility,and obligations of the above institutions in different countries. Generalization of foreign experience was prepared methodical recommendation material for vocational guidance,i.e.description (with filmed additional info onDVD) through the application of Italian and Slovenian experience in the sphere of vocational guidance and counseling for people with hearing disability. Four institutions united in the national consortium,which directly work in the sphere of vocational rehabilitation and social integration of people with hearing disabilities and organize and implement vocational training for the deaf, were participate in the project. Participants of the project are 18 vocational guidance and counseling experts,who work with hearing impaired persons:PDIC which consults people with various disabilities in the sphere of occupation-5workers (1deaf,one accompanying person). RTVMC is a state budget institution of vocational training,which provides vocational training for deaf and career guidance and counseling services(4workers).VZDRMC implements vocational rehabilitation-4employees.LKNUC is an educational institution,which helps hearing impaired students in acquiring quality education and develops their skills to socialize in the society,provides vocational guidance and counseling services,implements career development program-5workers(1deaf). The project involved two deaf participants, who work in the sphere of vocational guidance and counseling and offer consulting for the visiting people with hearing disability in their native sign language. During the visit the deaf participants needed English-sign-English-language translation,thus,one accompanying person was needed. The hosting partners are ZGNL (Slovenia) and A.P.A(Italy). 2work monitoring visits to the host organizations was organized. At the end of the visit a detailed sharing of results and consolidation of implementation of further tasks was organized in Lithuania,i.e.adaptation of recommendation vocational guidance methodology that combines the Slovenian and Italian experience in work by including it into action plans. At the end of the visit members of the consortium(their participants) prepared materials on the experience gained new methods, applications of such methods in their organization and prepared DVD presentation of experience. Sharing of exprience-description is the main result which was presented for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Analysis of survey and competency assessment of the project’s participants was organized before and after the project activities;the community survey was implemented to assess efficiency of the results and their implementation. The participants will use the knowledge and experience acquired in their direct work by consulting the deaf and hard of hearing in the sphere of profession and work,providing vocational guidance services and searching for practice and vacancies,seeking for the integration of deaf people into the labor market. To ensure the continuity of using the prepared methodological description the information was passed on to others workers. The participants received the Europass mobility document and the certificate of applicant and referring organization to certify participation in Erasmus+KA1program. Members of the consortium was awarded with the participating organization certificate.The main project’s distribution strategies are social networks(Facebook);articales about the project on the partners’ websites;publication of the description and experience intended for colleagues of partners and community of people with hearing disability;stands

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