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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Basically the project is aiming at the comparability of practical and theoretical aspects of the training of staff in preschool-education in Europe. Therefore it includes the analysis of curricula and other regulations guiding this training. In selected countries both practical and theoretical knowledge and experience about the relation of preschool-education, early -child -education and the implementation of them in the minds and philosophies of the concerned countries should be collected, concerning both participating students and guiding staff. During the " flows" students of our academy are sent abroad in order to work in surroundings comarable to what the're trained for here in Germany. They are supposed to cooperate with local staff. Personal experience, intercultural competence and the experience of first time having to use a foreign language for professional purposesshould go hand in hand with an insight in structures of professional working abroad. This aspect should particularly be focused on when dealing with local curricala and regulations ( e.g. the " Bornholm -Modell in Sweden ) As both aspects obviously do depend on ideas and values implemented into societies - the linking of conceptions about early education and the educational practice should be recognised by the students. For example curricular regulations of Sweden, the U.K. and Turkey could be compared and analysed. Our students could both se and " test " whether the curricular ideas are being put int practice - or not. Our newly planned project will try to do this in a more systematic and focused approach. Therefore the flows will be accompanied by fixed learning agreements and ECVET tools. We'll use our current experiences as an orientation for the future. The single flows of our students are always targeted on the placements and facilities we're aiming at. The students are prepared and well selected according to the demands of the selected countries and placements. In most cases the language performance is important, but practical experience and intellectual capabilities do count. In some cases interviews have to decide about decent candidates. The participants have to care for accomodation, flights, etc - but we do offer assistance in most cases. Our long- term -aiming is targeting on intercultural experience, change of attitudes towards people or challenges of any kind. As we do have more than 50% of babies being born in the Nuremberg area with a migrant background, we do regard these experiences as basic to any kind of teaching of preschool - children back home. Our new project is going to incude working with parents and their expectance and leading philosophies about preschool- education more than the last one. That's why we want to emphsize more on staff being sent abroad with our student or accompanying or preparing single flows. This approach should make it possible to enhance the analytical elements of our project. So the attitudes and values of both staff and parents abroad should be made understandable as leading elements for preschool-education in Europe.
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