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Erken Okul Terkini Azaltmak için Okul Temelli Yaklaşımlar
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Considered the report ‘ Reducing Early School Leaving in the EU’ written by the European Parliament, It was revealed that in Europe,one student in every seven leaves the school before qualifying the needs of today’s information society and labor market need. High rate of early school leaving is also emphasized in the International reports. In fact, as stated in the 2011 the EU Progress Report, Turkey has improved its adaptation performance to the EU criteria, but still below the EU average, in terms of the ones leaving school early.Thanks to the researches and reviews done in the developing period of our project, it was seen that although the reasons of early school leaving have been revealed clearly, there is still no significant studies and experiments on suggestions of solutions. Having different kinds of socio cultural, socio economical and ethnic groups and immigrant students in Adana city is thought to be causing the increasing rate of early school leaving. Hence, this situation prompt our directorate to find out these students and parents before they take this decision, to guide them and to carry on preventive studies. The main purpose of our project is to be able to catch the previous stages of making decision to leave the school, to discover the ways of keeping the students at school, and to conduct studies intended for making the school and school life more meaningful in the eye of students. In this sense, we desire to support the studies done at the local by the EU projects. Outputs of the project were defined as; increasing the participants’ competences on doing the counselling studies of students’ interests, skills and needs, preventing every kinds of exclusion by providing equal opportunity in education, making the education attractive and increasing the quality with innovative approach implementations gained from the courses, developing conflict management and thus having a style of understanding and analyzing the problem and lastly improving classroom management skills. It can be seen from E-school data that the reducing number of students at school begins at the 4th grade students and especially pick up the pace at 5th and 6th classes. Due to this reason, consortium members were chosen among the primary and elementary schools located in Adana. Affiliated to our directorate, 10 schools where early school leaving was observed were defined as consortiummembers. The regions intensively facing early school leaving were especially preferred in determining the members. Hence, the participant staff were chosen among the ones who are experienced in studying with the students and parents tending to be leaving the school, aware of the reasons of early school leaving and who need the improvements on preventive studies. The project will be conducted by totally 60participants comprise of our consortium member schools. Our project is consisted of 3 main activities. In this scope, main activities were planned as; “ Adaptation and Learning- reducing early school leaving by using the technique of classroom management and mediation” in Malta, “ How to motivate the students to complete their compulsory education. In the lifelong learning society, innovative learning and teaching methods to prevent early school leaving” in Holland, “ Having emotional relationships to prevent early school leaving” in Italy. During the project activity period, a dynamic and abstract methodology will be followed. The gotten information will be supported by implementations. With the given courses, the institute’s human and management capacity will increase, and thus the quality of the education will improve. The participant staff will be able to make their own evaluation and take necessary precautions by observing the implementations in Europe.With the attractive educational approaches, developed as a result of newly gained skills of the teachers; the students will face the advantage of having relationship with their teachers and seeing the attractive outdoor and indoor activities at school, which will develop the feeling of belonging to the school.Implementing the project results at school will prevent early school leaving and will contribute us to reach one of the strategic goals of our city defined as ‘ Minimizing early school leaving by providing continuance in every stage of both formal and non-formal education. It is expected to have a general early school leaving policy in provincial-wide by improving the capacity of struggle against early school leaving at management stage. In addition, the Europeanness aspect of the institutions will develop and with the cooperative studies and projects, the potential of internationalization of education will increase.
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