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Erken Çocukluk Eğitiminde Drama Uygulamaları Aracılığıyla Eğitimin Kalitesinin Artırılması
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

There are 358 students in our Sevgi Kindergarten.164 of them are girls and 194 of them are boys. 6 of the gils and 7 of the boys are handicaped. In our school we have 19 teachers.Our school is making all the necessary arrangements to practise both national and international educational standards in all the schools in our district.In this context we aim to develop the skills of our teachers according to UNICEF and the UN educational criteria.Early childhood is the most important development in the life of a child .During this period,they start forming their cognative , emotional and social development.This is the most important element in providing children institutionalized education and preparing them for school and life.In our country the importance of early childhood education is increasing day by day in recent years.In this regard,it is aimed to increase the quality of education and the rate of pre-school enrollment rate up to %70 in 2018.We have also one more important target.It’s to encourage adults to improve their knowledge and skills in areas such as ICT in the light of lifelong learning strategies.Our Ministry of Education gives importance to drama and using game methods in its 2015-2019 stragetic plan.In addition to this,within the scape of MEGEP,a modüle on the use of game methods has been prepared and teachers have been encouraged to take steps in this area.It’s possible to sort the aim of our project as follows :-To make our teachers more aware of the importance of early childhood education.-To ensure that our teachers have sufficient knowledge and skills on the importance of drama education during the early childhood.By the help of drama education,to increase the knowledge and experience of children of how they will express themselves.To contribute to the adoption of the participating teachers to European values.-To provide the use of innovative methods in drama education in early childhood-To develop language skills and knowledge of our teachers.Our project partner Braga Acedemy is a training center operating in Portugal.During the preparation prorcess of our project,courses for our kindergarten teachers that can be taken on issues such as development courses related to classroom activities were searched.The CVS of the trainers in Braga Mob Academy have been examined in detail and agreed that they are sufficient enough to meet the needs of our teachers.An agreement has been made with the partner organization and roles and responsibilities have been defined.Our prospective kindergarten teachers are trained and able to practisee drama education in a limited period for four years.It’s known that vocational training programmes are not adequate or efficient for the teachers who first start teaching and want to learn more about early childhood education and the use of drama and creative arts in childhood education.Project participants will be the teachers working in our school.After this project,they will gain a lot of knowledge and skills in both personal and professional fields.Accordingly,our participants will gain compentencies as in the following :1-Personal knowledge and skills.The participant teachers will have the opportunity to encounter new cultures and people and gain experience while staying in a EU country.In this way,we aim to contribute our teachers’ EU perception of tolerance,multiculturalism and living with diversity.-The teachers will share knowledge and experience with their colleagues from different countries.-The participant teachers will improve their foreign language and develop their comprehension and writing skills.It will help them to be able to follow the academic developments and innovative practises in their area.2-The proffesional knowledge and skills of the participant teachers :-The teachers will gain skills and knowledge of the effective use of drama in early childhood.-The teachers will be able gain more knowledge about the innovative approaches about the impact of creative drama on children.The teachers will gain knowledge and skills in the childrens’ participating in a healthy socialization progress by means of drama-Teachers will acquire knowledge and skills in issues such as childrens’ preparation of school life and learning skills.-The participant teachers will gain knowledge of the effective use of sand,clay,water and game blocks in creative drama and will learn more about their effects on children’s emotional,mathematical ,scientific knowledge and skills.

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