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Start date: Jun 30, 2016, End date: Jun 29, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project includes the students studying in 12th classes of child development and education areas of Multi-Program High School Fatih Sultan Mehmet Multi-Program High School . The most important factor that determines the behavior of the child the parents detect and react to events indicated towards him. In the first half of life, the child's personal, social and moral development largely completed. Positive attitudes towards the mother and father in child raising a child are an individual contribute the society and to himself in the future. Child-rearing attitudes of parents play an important role and personality development especially during the height of the socialization process of the foundations were laid in the period before the school. The child's entrepreneurship, moral values, appreciation, adopting the attitude of listening and explaining develops during this period. Positive attitudes of parents allow the child to develop a unique personality. It ensures child an individual whose high self-esteem, sense of responsibility and self-regulation is developed. However, negative attitudes, self-esteem, and assertiveness, the law level of independence and internal control resulting in high levels of aggression and insecurity. The Child’s sense of responsibility does not develop. Children become a passive individual who can not cope with the difficult situations and dependent. Child psychology and development in relation to the opinions of various theories put forward, growth and development characteristics of this period is unique in itself, therefore, taking into consideration the education of the child during this period so important to emphasize that the general and individual characteristics. However, the changing structure of the population and the increasing need for training, women’s illiterate is in a high level in our country female education is very low in our country compared to our neighbors in the west and, families are needed to receive support for raising children and in order to bring child's potential at the highest limits. This support can be provided largely pre-school education institutions. Pre-school education has a special importance for early childhood to reduce adverse environmental conditions, families and raise awareness about child development and education to improve their future academic success, especially in the lower socio-economic level. In our country, early childhood education is given by 22 936 teacher in 4647 schools (TSI 2012). The training of individuals with and values is of great importance in a society in which the young people of our country more aggressive given the guarantee of our future that our children can express themselves. Students who graduated from our school in our city and our region are working in early childhood education institutions. In the project England 23 female students who are undergoing training in the early childhood education Dudley College thanks to training practices and implemented in EU countries in examine the activities of the early childhood family education, training, participate in the activities and to compare their knowledge and skills, family education is intended to contribute to achieving new experiences. Participants will experience gains in early childhood family education, to develop different perspectives, new methods and techniques to convey their business and educational environments, and therefore contribute to the training of future guarantee that our children will be better. For this purpose our at february 2017 in educational institution of Dudley College our project will be realized.

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