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Ergen Eğitiminde Avrupa Deneyimi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This Project includes the training of the trainers on “EU Process in Training the Adolescents about Sexual and Reproduction Health, Adolescent’s Voice”. There will be 30 participants from Urfa High school. There is no class on sexual health education in schools for the 8 year education period. There is no other information about sexual health apart from limited information on menstruation cycles and sperm production in high school curriculum of general health class, while in primary school there is only room for plant’s reproduction. The materials to be used in sexual health education are also limited in number. There is not enough source in schools about how to give a proper sexual health education. The research made in this area shows that young people learn about sexuality and sexual health in informal ways and that this information is generally insufficient or wrong. The lack of information about sexual health basically comes from the fact that they learn it secretly, insufficiently and generally from wrong sources. Instead of their informal learning of these topics that they are curious about as a result of their sexual impulses when they become adolescent, they should learn them in a conscious and standardized way of education properly. Under the light of these, there should be topics regarding “sexual health education” within the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education. It is also important how to reflect sexual health education to the students in the conditions of our country. The methods applied by successful countries in such education (Germany, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, etc.) should be analysed and the ones proper to the needs of our country should be benefited from. More importantly, sexual health education must be included within formal curriculum as an independent class. The bringing of sexual health education will be both individual and social. These benefits will also cover the adulthood and be reflected to the country. With the effect of this view, many children today are informed about sexual harassment, adolescent period and sexually transmitted diseases. The EU has already started sexual health education programs very earlier and they have many steps forward as society. However, the studies in our country regarding this topic are very limited. It is very clear that there is a lack of sexual health education in Turkey. Especially as a society where it is hard even to talk about sexuality, even among the family, it becomes more important to provide sexual health education in schools. Instead of wrong information from uncertain and wrong sources, proper programs which are well planned according to age groups, and easy and understandable, will be helpful. Our participants, who are trainers, need to learn sexual health education methods in EU level, to increase their knowledge, experience and competencies in this topic to EU level and to develop a model product that can be used by the branch teachers. The purposes of the Project are as follows; - The participants will learn about the curriculum used in the EU for sexual health education classes, methods and approach and they will develop their information and competencies in this area. - By providing a cooperation with the decision makers in the Ministry of National Education, to provide the preparation of curriculum on secondary school level for sexual health education and also an education module, and also to create a source that can be used by the teachers, - To provide improvement in the physical, psychological and social health of the children. - The participants will transfer what they learn in European countries regarding the sexual health education programs to our country’s educational system. In line with the training in the EU countries, a proper example education module will be created according to the needs and conditions of our country regarding the sexual health education. In this module, the sexual health education programs taken in the countries where they got trainings, the techniques and methods used in this area, equipment, suggestions, CD and educational brochures will take place. The integration of the results to our country, creation of a sexual health education curriculum, increasing the sexual health education levels of the children by applying this curriculum in secondary schools are the expected results of the Project. The placement process of the Project will be 14 days, there will be equal number of participants in each flow, and placement activities will take place between 24 Jan-06 Feb 2016 in Netherland and between 12-25 June 2016 in Netherland. The total time period of the Project is 12 months. The starting date is 1 September 2015 and the final date is 1 September 2016.

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