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Erasmus Without Paper
Start date: Nov 1, 2015, End date: Oct 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Every year more than 200.000 students from over 2.000 higher education institutions (HEI) go to study abroad under the LLP flagship programme Erasmus. For each of these 200,000 students several paper documents and information was sent back and forth between institutions. Although the majority of HEIs in Europe use software to handle mobility, to transfer the locally stored data, this data is reproduced or printed on paper in order to send it to the partner institution where, because of the format, it needs to be handed manually.The project partners of Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) believe a lot of work in the context of international student mobility can be avoided by using technology. By replacing the huge paper-based workload by an electronic exchange of data, mobility can be managed more efficiently. In doing so, HEIs will be able to focus on the inherent quality of mobility rather than on coping with a great variety of administrative procedures. For the mobile students themselves, a lot of double administration will be abolished. For potential mobile students an obstacle for going on mobility will be tackled.The main aim of the project is to substitute as much as possible the paper trail required to enable the Erasmus experience and by extension all student exchanges, and replace it by electronic exchanges of data. An electronic ‘EWP Network’ of trusted users will be defined together with an integrated communication environment. Connectors will be provided and innovative ways will be worked out to enable every institution to communicate with their mobility partners in this way, even if they do not have a sophisticated Student Information System (SIS). No mandatory kind of architecture of the components will be worked out, but instead, interoperability between any kind of them is sought after. The project partners are convinced EWP is realistic: the technology is ready and the time is ripe to apply it in the context of student mobility.
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