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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project has its origin in the need to increase the employment rate of our students, while creating an international network that will improve the quality of education given in our centre and received by our students. Number of mobilities: 25 Age: 18-25 Profiles: Care Assistants for dependent people, Administrative Management, Commerce, Nursing Assistants, Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals, Hair Care and Aesthetics. Duration: 12 weeks During the stay: Complete academic training they are receiving in the center with the completion of the placement in a company in a European country Objective: with idea that this experience allows them to acquire the skills necessary s for easier access and more guarantees of success in the labor market. Destination: Italy, Ireland and Portugal The mobilities will take place between the months of March 2016 to June 2017; will stays of 12 weeks of work experience in the specific sector of each participant. The activity plan is developed in three phases: 1. Phase prior to mobility: opening day and dissemination of information; motivating potential candidates; selection of participants; search for companies in the destination country to the profile of the candidates; linguistic and cultural preparation; drafting and signing of agreements, creating training routes, preparation of CVs, support logistics flows. 2. Phase mobility: briefing; output destinations; monitoring students and troubleshooting. 3.Fase evaluation and dissemination: meeting with the participants on their return to analyze the results and impacts; assessment of the employment; overall assessment of the project and realization of the final qualitative report and financial justification; closing day, presentation of results and dissemination. Results and impacts: The impact of our proposal in students results in a greater interest in academic, since the record is essential when applying for one of these scholarships. In addition, long term we plan to integrate these programs into our center project, to offer it to students of the following promotions. Participants: Complete a first work experience, To acquire the specific skills of their sector to enable them to be more competitive and positively differentiate towards their employment, To acquire a professional profile suited to fit the specific needs of each company, To acquire / improve knowledge of another language and European culture, using different technological applications that are in the workplace, meet the productive and organizational system in its sector, Obtain official recognition (Europass) through validation and accreditation of skills acquired in this period of work experience, Get the corresponding academic qualifications. To the center and their teachers: -Contact International member of our center with other companies, -To know firsthand the differences in the training cycles in different European countries, bridging differences and unify efforts for these differences end up disappearing. -To Offer our students a more complete training, -Motivar The students to be more interested in their studies, -Combat Dropout -To Improve the employability of our students
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