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Erasmus+ Mobility Project, Trafikflyghögskolan
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lund University School of Aviation, LUSA, has been training commercial-airline pilots since 1984. In 2008 LUSA changed its training programme to a more modern and market relevant programme that is in its character more international and involves a greater degree of cooperation with the labour market. This includes a 2,5 to 3,5-month period of work experience as in-flight co-pilot which is now a part of training. LUSA can, with its ties to Lund University, offer the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education not only research affiliation, but is also - in and of itself - a unit that can conduct research. LUSA has held and holds, since 2014, a commercial-pilot training programme under the direction of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. This training includes vocational training (LiA, Lärande i Arbete) that is conducted abroad. The international work experience and international exchange is important for the student as it prepares for the fact that their future profession often involves acting on an international stage. The international profile of the profession means that LUSA staff must keep abreast with international practice even though their roles are primarily played on the national level. LUSA is always aiming towards continual improvement of the flight training offered to the students and preparing them for their future international labour market, while also being leading actors that can influence agencies and other institutions with our methods of close cooperation with the market and our scientific approach. Our goal with the Erasmus+ project is that the students will be given thorough and adequate international practice which demands economic support for the individual students’ board and costs. Another central goal is the possibility for LUSA teachers to auscultate the students during their periods of vocational training. This gives insight to the students practice and their personal experiences from the days’ flight-operations. LUSA also intends to procced with plans for greater cooperation with Tromsö University, pertaining to student and instructor exchange as experience in arctic climates is a focus on the part of LUSA. No more than 20 vocational students and up to 6 instructors’/management-personnel will be included in the project per year. The activities in the project are mainly aimed towards mobility but can also be viewed as a project-cooperation with, primarily, representatives from the labour market. In a larger context however it is LUSAs ambition to influence European flight-training by initiating or participating in strategic projects for the development, in harmony with other stakeholders, of flight-training. Students will be offered the chance to apply for travel grants. LUSA instructors will through closer contact with the international environment not only develop LUSAs training but also act as sources for inspiration for other European flight-educators. The envisioned results for this project is firstly to be able to offer economic support to the students whom with this help can enjoy a greater degree of freedom in choosing and accepting vocational training spots while also increasing teachers and staffs’ ability for participation. LUSAs vision is of being a leading actor in all European flight-related training and through this position wielding the ability to influence European flight-education. Our methods are research and development in close co-operation with the flight sector. Achieving a higher degree of mobility will, in our opinion, help activate LUSAs international role and our ability to influence European flight training through research and development. Enhanced opportunities for student and instructor exchange with University of Tromsö School of Aviation will vitalise both schools basic flight-training and bolster the possibilities for offering higher education such as a master-program.
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