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Erasmus+ Leitaktion1 Osthofen
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

IGS Osthofen is an integrated comprehensive school with optional all-day schooling open to children of all abilities, including physically and mentally disabled students. It follows that we have to meet the highest standards when it comes to differentiation and individualisation; we are not only responsible for imparting knowledge, we consider ourselves as part of a more holistic educational approach. It is our declared aim to work towards an advancement of educational professionalism and a growing internationalisation at our school. Key Action 1 is ideally suited to support us in reaching this goal as it makes the European community and European cooperation tangible for the teaching staff and thus also offers a wide range of ideas that support our educational vistas. Our school operates as a “team-school”, with teams of eight teachers responsible for each year and teams of professional associations responsible for the meeting of standards within the individual subjects. Therefore, it has been decided at a general conference that the teachers selected to take part in Key Action 1 should come from different teams wherever possible to ensure an immediate flow of information from the participants to the rest of the collegiate. An English teacher from year six intends to take part in a course in England to engage in a discussion of various teaching methods specific to language teaching. Besides the obvious advantages of placing a foreign language teacher in an environment where the target language is the mother tongue, we are hoping very much that this class will be an enrichment to our in-class differentiation system. Another English teacher from year eight is hoping to be accepted for a class in Wales which focuses on media competence and possibilities for subject transcending teaching. A colleague from year 10 concentrates on the preparation for the MSS classes and new developments in the English language. All UK-programmes will undoubtedly be highly beneficial to the department of English at our school. Two teachers, one from year 7 and another from the school leadership team, are planning on attending a snowboarding and skiing course with the explicit aim to obtain teaching qualifications in both disciplines. This will prove a tremendous help in realising our ski trip in class seven, which forms an integral part of our school philosophy. With an eye to the more general, pedagogical concept of our school, two teachers from year 10 have opted to travel to France to engage in job shadowing concerning emancipatory and integrative education. The idea is to imbibe ideas that help us to advance the development of our pedagogical development. Another member of the school leadership team, the leader of years 11-13 (the classes aiming for ‘Abitur’, the German equivalent of the English A-Levels) as well as another colleague are interested in exploring methods for improving motivation and quality in the learning environment to make sure that the school can adequately meet the heterogenous abilities and needs of our pupils at both secondary level and years 11-13. All the courses that we are planning on attending are, besides the obvious enhancement of our teaching staff’s flexibility and their linguistic practice, geared towards an increase in information on subjects important to the school in general and thus a further improvement of our teaching quality, especially with regard to our heterogeneous pupils. Team conferences, departmental conferences, general conferences and possibly also study days will serve as platforms to transport the input gained through the activities of Key Action 1.
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