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Erasmus Escolar IES Pablo Serrano
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school has had an international aim and dimension for years. We have ben participating in international projects and exchanges and we are now on our way to start a bilingual stream in English. We already have a French stream and want to offer our sudents a new opportunity to develop better their communication skills in English because we want to upgrade them and give them the chance to achieve their full potential, both academically and socially. Entrepreneurship, personal initiative, ambition and access to employabilty can´t be guaranteed if language competence is not real. We perceive languages as a tool to unite citizens, a tool that enables communication and, hence, cooperation. But nothing can be done if communication is not provided. Languages , which are part of an undeniable human and cultural heritage, are to unite people, to bring people near other people and cultures. Good languages skills and competences are essential to get another important goal: our students´ feeling that they are part of Europe. To get this, our teachers also need to be updated , qualified and well trained. For this reason our European Development Programme searches to implement our English stream and also to foster the training for those teachers who teach in French and English.Consequently, this programme includes on the one hand, the training for English and French teachers and teachers of other fields who teach in these two languages.For French teachers we have planned training courses in L'Alliance française Paris Il-de-France (1 teacher). For teachers with Content and Language Integrated curriculum (CLIL), we have chosen job-shadowing. This option will be carried out in Nay or Argeles (1 teacher), we have been working with these institutions for a long time: school exchanges, joj shadowing and also we have had students doing one or two years there since 2007.As far as English teachers are concerned, we have planned training courses for the teachers included in the Iternational Study Programmes ( without a specific course yet for 3 teachers).We chose job-shadowing for an English teacher and for a Phisics and Quemistry (CLIL) teacher, this will be done in ISS Luca Pacioli, Crema (Italy); we have already dealt with the main aspects we intend to analize, the teachers from Luca Pacioli have already come so we have some experience in this field. That will provide both schools with similar benefits since we have the same interests. We think that for our teachers , used to teaching foreign languages, one of the best training course is to see and observe good practice from peers. We have already agreed on a school exchange with this Italian school due to the relationship we have had with them for over a year.All teachers involved in training and job-shadowing are experienced enough and they have great efficiency. They are committed with teaching in bilingual streams and committed with the school goals. For this reason we consider this Programme to be perfect for them.The benefits and impact we expect to get is the teachers´good training in the short term and a better school , and in the long terma more European school where languages are the passport.
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