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Equipment for Customs in the Region of Central Macedonia

On average, 21,000 trucks pass through the Promahonas Customs Post every month (that is, approximately 700 trucks per day), a fact that corresponds to 41% of the total truck traffic through all the Customs posts of Northern Greece that border on Bulgaria, the FYROM, and Turkey. In addition, the customs post in question is crossed daily by approximately 5,000 passengers on average, 900 private passenger cars, and 100 buses. The 1st Sub-project concerns the procurement of a self-moving x-ray system, which is a system for detecting loads with x-rays that allows the possibility of verifying, with the help of a radiology image, the content of a truck or a container that is being imported, exported, or transited. That is, it inspects whether the items transported are those written on the documents accompanying the load and that no items are being transported that are subject to restrictions or prohibitions. The system certifies with the greatest possible accuracy that the number and type of goods that have been declared are located in the container. In addition, the radiology image must be the best possible in order for the customs officials using it to define and identify illegal or hidden materials. The scanning of the load takes place with the movement of the vehicle being inspected along the length of the self-moving system. It consists of a console, screens, and a video that can create registers related to specific scannings, thus permitting the operator to compare, inspect, and observe the various loads subject to inspection. This system may be used at a point chosen at random, while it will require less than 30 minutes to be fully installed and become fully operational and ready with a crew of four people, without requiring any particular preparation of the area. In addition, the minimum pace of inspection of the system is 25 vehicles 18 meters long per hour, even in difficult environmental conditions. The 2nd Sub-project concerns the procurement of a self-moving x-ray system that is a system for detecting baggage and packages using x-rays. This equipment is used for the inspection, with the help of a radiology image, of the content of the baggage and packages of passengers passing through; that is, it inspects whether they are transporting various illegal products and goods that are subject to either prohibition or limitations. The scanning of the baggage and packages takes place with their movement along the length of the self-moving system. In this way, both the content of the packages and the objects that are hidden within special structures are revealed. The 3rd Sub-project concerns the procurement of a closed circuit for automatic electronic recording of incoming and departing vehicles and containers based on the license plates of the vehicles and the number written on the containers. The registering of the data in a database takes place automatically and they can be recovered by authorized users. The system is based on the scanning of the above data (license plates – container number) dividing the vehicles into categories, private cars, buses, trucks, and by nationality. Among other possibilities, the system has the capability for interactive connection between its database and other databases (SCHENGEN, etc.) The 4th Sub-project concerns the procurement of a flexible probe with video, which permits internal searches in areas that are especially difficult to access, such as gaps and slits, floorboards, hollow beams of vehicles or cavities in the tanks of ships and other means of transportation, inside which narcotic and psychotropic substances are usually hidden, as well as weapons and other items subject to restrictions and prohibitions. Its flexible parts are waterproof and can be soaked in liquids such as petroleum products, lubricants, alkaline and acid solutions, and with a proper sheath, in acids or inappropriate industrial waste. It also provides the possibility for the search to be watched, besides the operator, by other people by means of the monitor. The 5th Sub-project concerns the procurement of special cars that can respond to difficult weather conditions, as well as on-road and off-road driving for the support of enforcement teams and the transportation of detecting dogs
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