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Equality training network: EU contributions to gender mainstreaming and citizenship
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The proposal aims to create a network of European and Latin American universities in order to develop teaching on European Integration and Gender, specially addressing the principle of equality and the gender policies as a cross-cutting concept of the whole integration process. In fact, G-NET will provide expertise to the HEI professors about the gender dimension in the European Integration process through the training for trainers. Meanwhile, HEI courses will be designed and implemented in the partners of the G-NET consortium addressing both gender policies and European integration so that not only students, but stakeholders, policymakers and researchers, especially those in the Latin American regions, could notice and know in-depth the European experience on implementing policies which promote the inclusive citizenship.European Union legislation gives the EU the necessary instruments, legal and public politics, to develop the effective equality between citizens of the EU. Although we found a lack of specific education and training in this field. Therefore, with the main objective of deleting this lack as well as spreading the good practices of the European Union in the gender mainstreaming and jurisprudence to four different countries of Latin America.The proposal would add value to the analysis of Latin America-European Union relationships as a source of development by means of being relevant in both economical and social development at building citizenship building and creating inclusive societies. We focus on the gender policies and legislation in order to eliminate discrimination as a mechanism for integration and regions development.Teaching activities will provide knowledge on how gender perspective and equality of opportunities have been incorporated in the EU membership and how their principles and practices can be included in the regions of Latin America.
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