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Start date: Jul 4, 2016, End date: Dec 3, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

EqualART is a youth exchange within Erasmus+ Programme, which intends to work about gender equality and against violence through a motivational and living methodology, working for social inclusion and spreading a message to promote equality through a song composed by the participants of the projects, using their creativity and the music as vehicle of communication and expression, which also has an influence on the emotions, dissemination of cultures and the unity of the group.The context which justifies the necessity of this project is the reality of gender violence that we are living. In Europe, 25 millions of women suffered gender violence in 2014. The rooted patriarchal system, its psycho-social and cultural causes and the normalization of aggressive behaviours within the couple of young people, make the identification of abuse especially difficult for young people. But also they have the capacity of making a change in the society and in their own behaviour.42 young artists from 18 to 26 years old, with different backgrounds and necessities, coming from 7 different countries of the EU, with an active and pro-active attitude and an especial interest in arts and in the topic of the project, will gather in Málaga to promote an alternative music, which could transmit the values of equality and which claims against gender violence, working also for the social inclusion of youngsters with disabilities. Our main goal is to promote equal treatment and opportunities in an effective way, to promote also gender awareness among youngsters, at the same time that we put in value the invisible work of women in artistic creations. In a more specific way, we intend to: -To increase awareness of gender equality among young people, creating a critic society which could make us think patriarchal system. -To involve youth in the creation of music with the aim of promoting gender equality in the relationships between men and women, promoting also the creativity and entrepreneurship of youngsters and key competences such as language, social and intercultural skills. -To promote social inclusión, working side by side with participants with some kind of sensory, mental or physical disability, because this could open our mind and also enrich our artistic approach, understanding music from others alternatives approaches.-To promote the synergies among youngsters of different countries who could make a network to work about equality. -To spread an alternative and attractive music with a committed message for gender equality and against violence. Through non-formal education methodology, we will carry on te activities proposed for the achievement of our goals, which are: 1.Organization and diffusion of the project among local stakeholders. 2.Sensitizing and training sessions about gender equality for youngsters provided by a trainer with a wide experience in the topic and working with young people. 3.Creativity and artistic workshops, imparted by a singer and specialist in percussion and musical composition, supported also by other local artists. 4.Recording the musical composition and diffusion through a concert and performance, besides social networks and mass media. 5.Recording and diffusion of the video IqualART.6.Evaluation. 7.Report and justification. The results expected are: -Increasing awareness about gender inequality among participants. -Creation of a song which promotes gender equality and fights against violence. -Diffusion of the song and music among young population through a concert, social networks and mass media. We expect to achieve a local and european social impact. It will be, first of all, directed to participants who will receive training in gender equality and musical composition, which will also change their mind and attitude towards equality between men and women. But this impact will also go on, in the influence environment of the participants in the long term, through the diffusion of our song among other youngsters. Both music and lyrics will spread the message connecting with the young population of the different countries. Also the previous work of contacting local artist women, to put their work in value, as well as the collaboration of other local artist will help to spread the song and the impact of the project in the long term.
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