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Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

From the projects developed earlier by ARCSS in the municipality of Gondomar, we were able to realize that our city lacks an answer to young people who suffer from some form of social exclusion from the community.In addition to all the work, local and regional, social, cultural and sports areas, ARCSS is known for participating in several projects developed with adults and youth in the areas of formal, non-formal and informal. We highlight, for example, the Leonardo da Vinci Project "Women are for tradition," which has been developed since 2004 with European partners in order to develop skills, increase employability and increase the transfer of innovation in vocational training for women in the office area. In another project, Grundtvig "Learning by body," the ARCSS is the development of skills and the creation of healthy habits when it comes to holistic, multidisciplinary and inter-learning through the body.Thus, it is our intention with this project, promote the exchange of experiences between young participants, as well as develop activities in which participants can develop their own "tools" for inclusion / exclusion not in the community where they live. These activities, which also aim to increase the awareness of the responsibility of these young participants (they are themselves active agents in the fight against marginalization and self-inclusion in their local community and society in general).This Youth Exchange has as main objectives: - Develop the ability to listen to the other ideas; competences in communication, capacity to perform Initiatives Promoting inclusion and knowledge about other cultures, traditions and ways of living.- Improve the Interpersonal skills, analytical skills and self-analyzing skills.- Train and develop personal and social skills of a group of vulnerable young people;- Personal, social and psychological growth of young people.- Empower the autonomy, creativity and critical spirit of these young people so that el are the agents of their inclusion / self-inclusion in society.Thus, the impact of this project, will not limited to the participants. The activities carried out during this exchange project will allow; create more informed young people; create multipliers (young people that, in their community, are promoters of the defense of citizenship and civic duty and the defense of human rights (respect, equality, solidarity, freedom and inclusion) and training to reinforce learning youth in the issues addressed (for the purpose of, develop personal and social skills, behavior change by making them active young people with regard to this social problems.In addition, the local communities of the partner countries involved in this project will be impacted by this project, as well as, our local community in Porto will be impacted during the project. This project will affect all local community of the partners, other young people and their adult environment. The activities developed in this project, will give necessary tools to all participants in order to ensure a multiplying effect in all the local contexts, in the defense of human rights (respect by the individual and respect by Difference, equality, solidarity, freedom and inclusion).

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