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Equal Quality in Construction and Vehicle VET
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The EQVET project will expand previous experience and continuing current need of partners to increase the quality in VET, including mobility, in construction and vehicle vocational fields. 4 partners of this application have, during LLP TOI project STEVTA , compiled certain amount of common ECVET UNITs and the assessment forms for transparency and mobility between partner countries. Not all curricula (units) in construction and vehicle is not described and compared in ECVET framework. The vocational teachers in VET schools are under great pressure because of new approaches - learning outcome base teaching/training/assessment. The VET schools and teachers haven’t got enough support by training and methodical materials. In partner countries there is a lack of complex teaching and learning exercises as problem based training tasks, which cover and integrate professional and key competences and allow the assessment of several LOs within one task. EQVET project has three main target groups: 1) VET teachers in construction and vehicle vocational field; 2) WBL (work based learning) tutors in companies; 3) students. EQVET project has two main objectives: 1) to increase the recognition and transparency of VET by using common UNITs described by learning outcomes (LO) and assessment criteria in ECVET framework; 2) to create problem-based complex training and assessment exercises. These complex teaching /learning /assessment materials should cover vocational competencies together with key competencies (communication in the mother tongue and in foreign languages; mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology; digital competence; learning to learn; social and civic competences; sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; cultural awareness and expression). These complex exercises should be problem-based and inter-cultural (valid for all partner-countries) and enable to assess many leaning outcomes within one exercise. These complex tasks would be available in all partner languages electronically and downloadable. This material could include videos, elements of e-learning, links to different software programs etc. These will be based on Moodle or other internet or cloud-based environment. This material will be available for all VET schools in partner countries. For this aim it is necessary to train vocational teachers in construction and vehicle field to compile complex problem-based teaching/training/assessment exercises. For this purpose external expert with pedagogical background and excellent methodical skills will be used (f.e. from University). There will be 7 VET schools from 6 countries (EE, DK, DE, LT, CR, ES) working on this Project in close cooperation with their stakeholders in regions. The main partner is KAK/EE. There will be teacher training seminar in the beginning of Project, the topic of which is the methodology of compiling training exercises which should enable assess several learning outcomes with one complex exercise. Through 6 transnational meetings 2 parallel work groups would work (construction and vehicle). During WG seminars 2 activities would take place: comparing units and assessment criteria/forms and compiling of training exercises (2 units and 2 sets of exercises during every meeting). Between meetings WGs will collect the existing information at home (qualifications, job descriptions, curricula, exercises). During the meetings the comparison of units and the compilation of training exercises take place. The results will be 7 ECVET-based units and assessment forms with criteria for construction (mason, wood frame, drywalls, painter, plasterer, floor covering installer and tiler) and 7 for vehicle (suspension, charging and starting system, maintenance and brake service, electrical and comfort systems service, diagnostics and repairing units) in 6 EU languages. These will be used by VET schools and companies, by teachers, company tutors, students and mobility coordinators in all partner countries. These will be available on project web. There will also be at least 1 complex problem-based exercises per unit - based on learning outcomes (LO) in modules (units) of curricula (totally min 14). Compared units will raise the awareness of ECVET tools and enables to raise the quality of mobilities all over the Europe. Complex training exercises based on these units raise the quality of training process at VET schools and companies (WBL and work placement). The results will be usable for all VET schools and companies in partner countries, but can be also transferred to countries outside of this partnership. The dissemination of project results will raise the awareness of VET system, ECVET, cooperation between VET schools and work life and available training materials.

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