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EQUAL-CLASS: Engineers qualified in higher non-university VET institutions – providing arguments and evidence for NQF/EQF classification

The EQUAL-CLASS project focussed on qualifications in the field of mechatronics/electrical engineering, which can be achieved in higher non-university VET institutions or comparable institutions in the following countries: AT, CH, DE, LT, PT. Therefore, the EQUAL-CLASS project, as a Transfer of Innovation project, aimed to transfer the methodology developed in the previous ZOOM project.ZOOM developed a methodology to support an objective and unambiguous classification of qualifications in the respective NQFs. EQUAL-CLASS adapted and revised the classification principles, methodology and guidelines. In addition, qualifications were compared by using the Competence Matrices which were developed in the VQTS project [].The EQUAL-CLASS project offers an example of how similar qualifications from different countries can be described in a comparable way. It contributes to the creation of mutual trust and understanding through transparency and comparability among European countries and in the European labour market. Transparency and better comparability of qualifications as well as the consideration of work experience following graduation (validation of non-formal/informal learning) help enhance the cooperation between VET and the labour market. The core partnership consisted of research organisations in the field of VET and NQF/EQF, higher non-university VET institutions and a network of VET providers. They were supported by associated partners: ministries, chambers, European and national associations of VET providers and enterprises.

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