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EQF-Praxis and Information Network
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

The EQF marks a new step for employees in Europe. Comparability and transparency will be important factors for the realisation of employee interests. Trade unions and training providers understand themselves as partners and counsellors of employees and their interests. To match this responsibility the employee oriented organisations have to build up expertise concerning the EQF and its functioning and impact on bargaining, assessment of competences and permeability.The role of trade unions is essential for the implementation of the EQF as they are mediators between the EQF and employees. Through their bottom up approach they stand for transparency, participation and democracy.PIN- network comprises 15 partners and 25 associated partners from 14 countries. Best practices on EQF management and experiences from different cultures are pooled and aggregated. This not only contributes to upgrading of low qualified workers. It also contributes to more mobility and recognition of competences in due consideration on employee interests. We want to improve the situation of low qualified adults who are seven times less likely to participate in lifelong learning than those with high educational attainment. Results: • 2- 5 focus groups per country analysing EQF impact• 2-5 focus groups per country giving feedback on European strategy• 1 quality management system/11 national impact analysis: overview about good practices + needs• 1 European strategy paper with 9 checklist• Training material and corresponding guidelines• 1 Learning Platform: online education and training material• 22 Workshops for multipliers (two workshops in each participating country)• About 330 trained multipliers (30 per country) Impact: • benefits of the EQF for employees will be disseminated/experts and external specialists can handle praxis EQF questions• better practice of EQF and accompanying instruments• empowerment of employee interests• participatory discourse and a critical perspective on EQF implementation.
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